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  1. Just posting a few updated comparisons of the Arcadia Focker SSP armor and the KO Valkyrie Factory set at the request of a fellow MWF member. I have included pics on all the armor parts. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi @sh9000 yeah actually I think you’re spot on with your suggestions as I compared @jvmacross’s cover with the original and also with yours. the left knee was rotated too wide, its left hand could be lowered/relaxed a bit, and the right wrist with the gunpod needs to be adjusted outwards too. Now I totally understand the amount of precision that goes into your pics!
  3. @jvmacrosswow thanks very much for the photoshop treatment! I’ve always been a fan of your work but never thought you’d take my pics and put that on the cover. Love this - would you mind if I save it and share on my FB? Thanks again. I would never have been able to do this myself 😆
  4. Trying on the 15th anniversary Super VF-1D setup. Quite refreshing actually.
  5. No sitting Minmay with the DX VF-1D?No problem….🙄
  6. Mine from Okini Land has arrived. Shipped 7/21 and got here today. DHL never disappoints.
  7. Same here, just got them today, thanks again @Anasazi37 for making these available and at very reasonable prices too. Much appreciated!
  8. The new Arcadia Variable Fighter stand works with this one. It has the adapter for the 1:60 VF-0’s. https://www.amazon.co.jp/Dimension-Fortress-Macross-Remember-Variable/dp/B07PM6DBT4?pd_rd_w=D5q2x&pf_rd_p=759a8690-c422-4f22-8236-69eb783b20bd&pf_rd_r=2FR78HYKS9118J4Q01CS&pd_rd_r=0e372811-9366-482b-836c-c67d2c24913a&pd_rd_wg=HSUyH&pd_rd_i=B07PM6DBT4&psc=1&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_1_sc
  9. Wow Okini was available for a long time this evening. I may just have been at the end of their queue!
  10. Congrats. You should be safe with two orders, fingers crossed. I put in one from BIJ yesterday, and was gonna use NNG with a voucher for my backup, but got cart jacked and so went with Okini land instead.
  11. I’m willing to give them a chance but I haven’t been able to add it to cart and check out.
  12. It’s now back to “soon available”. I had it in my cart but wanted to use my loyalty points so had to go back and convert to a code. Then I missed it...
  13. https://okini.land/en/23368-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-bandai-spirits.html i think they are still up. Good luck.
  14. Thanks. I sent them a note on the 18th to be precise, because I had not selected a shipping method for the order when I placed it. Not jumping the gun IMO to ask for next steps on shipping, and I sure hope they aren’t offended!
  15. I sent a ticket to Okini land asking for a status update and the shipping estimate for my TV supers. It’s almost been a week and no reply. Has everyone else already received their order already in the US?
  16. Some members in the Asian Macross groups have reported that their DX TV super parts have already shipped. Has anyone received any notifications for your preorders yet? I thought the release date was like the end of this month.
  17. I believe the bottom and the rear part is the Tamashii Nations Act Trident clear stand, then the front part is the clear adapter that came with the DX valk. Amazon.com: Bandai Tamashii Nations Act Trident Tamashii Stage Action Figure, Clear: Toys & Games
  18. It has an additional part “S ジョイント” (S joint) that’s new to this DX which allows for additional 15 degrees banking angles either way. See diagram and hopefully that explains it better than I can!
  19. My first round (17.8k yen) PO from Nin-nin has arrived. Aside from the additional shipping charge they asked for to upgrade from EMS to DHL, no complaints at all, no damage to the corners as well from what I can tell. DHL shipping was super fast - Picked up from Osaka at 6 pm local time Thursday Dec 3, at my door just now in the US at 8:30pm Friday. That’s a door-to-door time of 39.5 hours! Very pleased with NNG and DHL. For those who are still waiting, hope you will get yours very soon.
  20. The profit margin is the part that I am still struggling to understand about these "resellers". Even if they can make $100 or even $200 on each PO, is it really a good return for the time and effort required to secure those POs? Personally I'm not sure I would go into such lengths for a few hundred dollars.
  21. Anyway, trying to think about the VF-1D TWE preorder in a few weeks' time. Are these the only companies who will deliver to the US and offer TWE pre-orders? Okini Land Nin-nin Game Amazon Japan (?) (not including Nippon-Yasan of course) are there any others? AFAIK the other usual suspects like CDJ, Amiami, HLJ do not offer TWE preorders.
  22. I agree that most of this is Bandai's doing, and perhaps a TWE system for every preorder could curb a lot of the scalping activity. I just think that for a capitalist to make a profit, they should have to take commensurate risk for the return they are targeting. I don't have a problem with resellers selling for a profit, but they should have to commit upfront. I have been fortunate enough to have bought my TV VF-1J, VF-1A and Roy 1S all at retail (with the exception of my second Roy from mykombini), but I really feel the pain of other collectors who just want one but have to pay a heavy markup for it.
  23. Yeah I saw that too a couple days ago, and their frustration is understandable and justified. Scalpers (I am not as nice to call them "resellers" myself haha) are really making this hard for all of us, and with no money down at all, it's almost a guaranteed profit for each PO they can secure. In my opinion, TWE release would be the much better way to go, because everyone who wants one CAN get one, and scalpers will have to commit with real money themselves.
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