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  1. Can’t speak for its overall popularity but IMO it’s probably one of the more interesting Valks I’ve seen. I’d go as far as to purchase two, to display in different modes. So I’m in that camp who is disappointed that this hasn’t come out yet.
  2. Well I guess the shipping is gonna be my late tax then. Sadly I slept on this and forgot the preorder date. The only place else I saw it available was Nippon Yasan but there’s was $210 at the time and I don’t think shipping was included but I may be wrong. Either way I’ll have one at a premium price. Thank you for the response, I was a little stressed for a minute.
  3. Has anyone here ever used https://toyswonderland.com before? Looks like they have it but I’ve never heard of the retailer.
  4. Well I hella slept on this. Hope another round of PO go up on this.
  5. Thanks didn’t realize that’s an option.
  6. Thanks for the reply even if it’s a somber one. I want to stay off social media but my biggest fear is missing out on this release and my Social media typically is the place I hear 1st about releases. Guess I’m just gonna have to stock these boards more.
  7. When could next update be on this release?
  8. Had to order through AnimeExport cause my FromJapan order was cancelled and refunded.
  9. Well doesn’t sound promising now. Just paid FJ so fingers crossed.
  10. Anyone ever use FromJapan? I placed a PO but haven’t had any verification that it went through.
  11. This is a shot in the dark but I’d really like a kit to finish my Macross Plus display. I was pointed in this direction and figured I’d give it a shot because my hopes aren’t high that we’ll get an official X-9 sadly. I while I can omit the VF-11 my quintessential display needs a YF-19, 21 and Ghost X-9. Any help greatly appreciated and hope to hear from someone. I don’t post often at all but I can supply feedback from other forums.
  12. Has anyone reproduced one of these kits? I feel like my collection will never be complete without one.
  13. Nuts was asleep.
  14. That would be great and I hope we hear a VF-1S announced pretty soon also.
  15. What are the chances this will go back up on the sites on release day. I saw Nippon Yassan had some but the prices was greatly inflated.
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