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Your Favorite Mecha

Valkyrie Driver

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I kinda got at this in my AVF Upgrade thread, and it's probably been on here at least a thousand times. But what's your favorite Macross Mecha of all time?

I'll kick it off, I love the YF-19/VF-19A. It's got a dangerous sensuality to it. It's what my dad would call a sexy airplane (he's an old F106 driver). I like the forward swept wings, and the way it becomes an awesome robot.

I asked mecha, so for you destroid lovers, you're welcome too. The destroids are interesting, being a battletech guy, I have a soft spot for them. I'd actually see a use for destroids, especially when given the existence of Macronized Zentradi elsewhere in the Macross universe. Variable fighters are expensive and there are only so many of them. I think destroids are highly underrated.

What about y'all?

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Far too many great mecha in Macross to choose a handful or one. That's kinda why I built the M3, because I'm in love with a lot of the Macross mecha :wub: :wub: :wub:

Smallest list I could make (not in any order):

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie

VF-1J GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie (TV Version)

VF-4 Lightning III

VF-11B Super Thunderbolt

VF-11C Thunderbolt APS-11 Protect Armor

YF-19/VF-19A Excalibur

YF-21/VF-22 Sturmvogel II

VF-171 Nightmare Plus

VF-25F Messiah

YF-30 Chronos

SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie

VF-3000 Crusader

VB-6 Konig Monster

Destroid Monster MK IP

Destroid HWR-00 Monster Mk II

Destroid Cheyenne Mk II

SDF-1 Macross (Film Version)

Meltran Gunboat

Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier
Northampton Class Stealth Frigate
Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier

QF-3000E Ghost

X-9 Ghost

QF-4000 (and AIF-7S) Ghost Fighter

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You know I hadn't really considered that capital ships might be included in this thread... Bravo.

I considered nominating the Macross Cannon, because overkill is underrated. But it just doesn't have the articulation I needed to call it a mech.
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I had some trouble making a choice. The Super 1J and YF-21 gave the Q. Rau a hard fight. And the Stampede, but that really goes without saying.

So did the VF-11 MAXL Mylene Custom, but that was my inner troll more than anything else.

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I really like the design of the VF-25. I probably would like it more if the wings would fold in the other direction in Battroid-Mode so that they form a carapace around the cockpit. Some mass shifting would also help to make the backpack a bit less prominent.

I adore the design of the VF-2SS. It is a bit small though especially if the other Valkyries tend to get bigger over time. I love the overall design, BFG of the SAP pack that can swivel down. all the small missile doors and all the compartments for the rail guns. Due to the shape of the forward fuselage and the fact that the engines are so far apart the VF-2SS has a unique profile.

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I have pretty much filled my toy collection with my favorites. Two of them are still on the way, a VF-171 and the Tomahawk Destroid. The Tomahawk holds a special place in my heart as it became the basis for two of my favorite BattleMechs (Warhammer & Warhammer IIc). It was because of this that I came to love Macross in the first place, so definitely special.

The VF-25 bugs me a little. It has too much transformation junk hanging off of it. I can tolerate the wings on the Y/VF-19 (the YF-19 more so due to the lower profile) since it actually looks pretty cool, and serves a purpose (guns in the wing roots). The hip guns on the SV-51 don't bother me, nor do they on the VF-25. It's just those wings. I can't help but think that there had to be a better way to stow those wings so that they didn't stick out so far. That's the only part that bugs me (aside from the fact that my VF-25 toy is a v1 chogokin).

I really like the VF-17/171 because of its classification of being a heavy battroid, I like to see that different mecha have different roles just like real world fighters. Destroids too, Unlike battlemechs, they aren't divided into weight classes, but each has a distinct purpose. I'd like to see more destroids, maybe more about the zentradi uprisings at the end of SDF Macross, or maybe we could see some destroids in action against Zentradi remnants on a colony world. I kinda envision a combined arms approach between destroids and variable fighters.

I'm with Mr. March, there are just too many awesome mechas to pick one favorite...

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I kinda dig the F91 Gundam F91 and the XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth.

Oh, wait, Macross mecha? Based on fighter alone, probably the YF-30, but I'm really not a fan of the lankier Frontier-era Battroids. All-around would either be the VF-22 or the SW-XAII.

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I'll open this up to whatever. I did have Macross in mind though, when I started. I have to agree that the lanky frontier era mechas are a bit off. The VF-30 is pretty cool though. The frontier mechas do have the issue of hanging wings off the back, which is kind of a put off for me. I like the cleaner lines of the VF-1/11/17/171/19. The 19 for me was just the epitome of cool. The way Dyson made it move in M+ was just amazing.

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It matters the scale of the unit on what my favorite is (Mekton+ reference there)

For clarification, the definition of Mecha is anything that is of a mechanical design, and so...

For Human (1/10 Scale); the Military grade EX-Gear, for no other reason than it allow the wearer to feel as they are apart of the craft.

With honors the Civilian Version (that allow anyone to fly) & the sweeper-bots (that keep the ships clean) with the Filler of things that have become reality (like the digital picture-frame)

The Roadster (1/5 Scale); Isamu's Sport-Touring Motorcycle, cause I like bikes mostly

Honors go to the All the Filler designs that most miss as common in this scale; life in the Macross Continuum would be a lot harder without.

Mekton Scale (1/1); VF-1B because I feel it is a nice design that never got artwork. There are references to it as the "Half-S" (most likely due to it having only 2 head lasers on an S-style head) as it was the Northrom's (whom made majority of the VF-1 units) version of the Shinnakasu VF-1J for (outsourced of manufacturing of) Junior Officer units.

This round of Honorable Mentions go to the VF-5000G Star Mirage, VF-11A Thunderbolt II, VF-19P, Destroid Cheyenne II & the Queadluun-Rhea Battlesuit

Corvette Scale (10/1 Scale); With very few in this scale it actually made it harder, although the VB-6 Konig Monster got it. How they were able to get the massive beast of the largest destroid able to convert and still function as it should is great. Though the only drawback with it was I can not see (nor have I seen) the practical use of the 'destrioid/battloid' & the label of the GERWALK mode is original base for (& I can not see how "Ground Effect" movement is possible). With these snipes it almost lost to an Honorable.

Honorable mentions for this mammoth class are the HWR 00 Mk I Destroid Monster, the VBP-1/VA-110 Neo-Glaug (from Marcoss R) & the Large-size Vajra

Starship Scale (100/1); In this. there is a wide field to choose from. Going from the small Zentradi Scout Ship (that blew up in Ichijo's face), to the massive size of the Macross Cannon (which uses 4 Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-Class ships for the guns) & the strange growth of the Vajra Bishop-class mothership. Out of all of these the one that stands out the most was the Macross Quarter (Macross Frontier). I liked almost all aspects of it, though the thought of having a 100/1 mecha doing close-quarter/hand-to-hand seems dangerous (to the crew on board) & costly (damage repair from landing the hit)

The other considered for the Honor was the Macross Cannon, SDF-2 MegaLord, SDFN ships-of-the-line & Knight-Class Vajra Carrier

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My favorite non variable mecha is the Cheyenne work destroid. The reason I like it so much is that it would be the one that I would be able to actually operate and see myself working in. I'm not an Ace pilot or Main Character so I'm just gonna put out fires and lift heavy things. lol

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You know, I'm not an ace pilot either, though I do play one on TV... Joking aside, this is turning into a great thread. Keep it coming, I will say that some of the stuff is getting ridiculous, I know I said I'd open this to more, but the small stuff (every day items) is a bit silly, though I do see your point. I really like the destroids, they don't get enough credit.

My honorable mentions

Destroid Monster because it's massive.

VF-11, because it's the coolest looking Cannon Fodder Valk we've ever seen.

VF-1, because it started it all. It provided inspiration for the Legioss in MOSPEDA, as well as Several Classic Battlemechs, It was the G1 Jetfire toy, so yeah. a lot of my childhood was influenced by it.

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wow its hard to pick a favorite, cos they all are favorites in their own particular way.

Ok going old skool here...I would say roys vf-1s and the vt-1 super ostrich ranks up on my list.

vf-1s with its colors and insignia with strike pack just screams dont even thk of messing with me.

the ostrich for its colors, double boosters (big is beautiful) plus that one of a kind head!

corny but still the only clip i can find with both of the aircraft in....

On the destroid front its got to be the phalanx with the iconic M ...you just know its M for Macross!

(and then it opens up and all those missiles!)...

edited ostrich name

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This is a real tough question, and even tough to pick 1 fav mech, but i think mine should be VF1J with super parts, basara's VF-19 kai custom, and max's VF-22.

its inhuman to make threads like this, but still i think VF-1J with super parts is my all time fav,

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This is a real tough question, and even tough to pick 1 fav mech, but i think mine should be VF1J with super parts, basara's VF-19 kai custom, and max's VF-22.

its inhuman to make threads like this, but still i think VF-1J with super parts is my all time fav,

Everyone loves the VF-1, I love the VF-1. In fact, I love it so much I have 4 different toys of it, granted 1 is broken and 2 are toynami crap, but still. I plan on adding a couple more to my collection.

I'm still saying the VF-19 is my favorite (the Y/VF-19A to be specific). But I love all of the Mecha in macross.

I do want to see more VF19 love in upcoming series.

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