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  1. Greetings all, it has been a while. On the tech, some of it makes sense on how it's looking, though I still have questions. Beam Weapons On this, there has been no doubt on improvements. The flash-boil of a body to exploding via a focused particle beam (plasmatic) discharge was covered in a YouTube video on Doom's BFG1, if you are interested in the actual mathematics of. For unadulterated damage from an unfocused plasmatic discharge in real life, look at the aftermath of almost any lightening strike (Tree go BOOM due to flash-boil). My only main point of concern is that
  2. With all this talk that I seemed to turned-up on power; I did go looking for a real world formula to find out an answer for Seto Kaiba for the power generated from the EGF-127 conventional turbofan jet engines. I know that 1 Hp = 0.746 kW, supposedly... With simple equation1; I figured that the turbine were making about 9.280 kg (91.08 kN), 15180 kg (148.9 kN) w/ afterburner of thrust per... though after that point I got lost... I found this atricle explaining the mathematics, though I do not underatnd the calulations to find the answer... frustates me to no-end considering I liked Algebra.
  3. Although the SHP (?) ratting for the reactors is up only 25%, the kW output for the auxiliary generator of the one used by the ADR-04-Mk.XV is upped over 86% over the Mk.X Though, we are not given the kW for the VF-turbines after the VF-1 to make a comparision for electrical potental, or the reactors output. Though considering that no one seems to really want to improve them (let us face it, the VF are cooler and how many UN ads show off the 'droids?). There also has not been a need to upgrade the reactor as much as the VFs due to them not having as many energy draining systems added to the
  4. I would like to comment a few things... <=== Engine, Turbines & Powerplants ===> While I see were my misconception of the FF-2450 series having a flaw in its base design, my personal opinion is that it is still the majority of the issues for the VF-22 & VF-9. For both the FF-2450B & FF-2500E had issues with cooling while outside an atmosphere, because they utilized the air as a cooliant (not just the cooling system of the craft itself) as well as propellent. With the two models of the FF-2450 series, and I have not hear of any changes with the turbines to allow for the h
  5. Okay the first production series (and even mokey models) to me look like the rumble seat could bee added, and the tandem I can see too.... Though a six seater that can only do Fighter/GERWALK modes? LOL I do not know why I could see isamu taking a bunch of rookies out in said and the ones that don't puke during the flight he would have as his wingmen!
  6. I am trying to get away from the turbines for a moment and thought of something. Both the VF-19 & VF-22 series lack a second seat that would be needed for quick/surprise 'rescue' operation that was supposedly a goal for Project Supernova (other than first strtike an 'enemy' operations area that is). Sure, the YF-19 has the option for accomodating a passenger in a rear rumble ejection seat, though this is not mentioned for any other of the 19 series. And I would like to know were s second person (other than lap) can fit in a VF-22. Seems like that oversight was finally corrected in the
  7. Well, considering this logically (sometimes counter-productive with fictional settings); The FF-2450B of the YF-21/VF-22/22S had turbine limitations in space due to not having the cooling while in atmophere (& potential of melting the reactor core). The VF-22HG has limitations on its FF-2450C while in space (could be assumed that the same issue as the B model) Excessive heat in a thermonuclear reactors is usually not a good thing (causing melt-down or explosions) The VF-9 seems to have less potential in its frame for the coolant loops to service, hence higher temptures are reached faster
  8. Hm... that maybe true & I used the wrong terminology. Though be it an atomic (fission) or hydrogen (fusion) bomb, the result is that both go 'big badah BOOM!' Same could be said of reactors going into uncontrolled chain reactions due to excessive heat build-up.
  9. Perhaps if Macross were military conspiracy-theorist wank material like Metal Gear Solid... but surprisingly you don't find that kind of paranoia in US or Russian allies who are frankly glad to be able to purchase (or even customize) export variants, even if they're for previous-generation fighters. It's often a lot cheaper than trying to develop new aircraft on their own. In part, yes, though not 100% correct. Potitical ties between the US & Allies were strained by the trade restriction on military equipment during the 1960's-70's. While they were 'happy' to get craft like the propose
  10. I prefer true honestly over Internet bravado; with your comment you would act no different, VaIkyrie Driver, I feel respected at least. Seto Kaiba, the simple act of thinking outside the normal paradigm of a setting/situation & expressing that as an opinion can be consider political. I was making the 'gun control' of the comment based on what I heard hear of the politically going on in the Macross-universe and comparing it to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. A simple comparison of theologies & actions taken, no more or less, There are also a number of other (potentially more political) para
  11. It was mostly retorical, though I was also thinjing the LCF (Look Cool Factor) of an "Alpha strike," "Hail Marry" or "Death Blossom" attack (firing ALL weapons at once, not just the Itanto Circus with missles). Although there is a 'flaw' with the NP-FAD-23 Srike booster, that being that it cannot indepent pivot. in Battroid mode the pods will be pointed vertically because of the wing mounting. Unlees they have 'Beam Bending' technology applied, they would be next to usless unless they were in Fighter/GERWALK mode. _____________________ This "arms restricitions" within "trade
  12. My opinion, the HESA unit witn the same name, a unit produced inspite of trade restrictions. The real unit is believed to be engineered off the Northop F-5, look & perform like a varient of the YF-17, and have the weapon capabilities comparable to the F/A-18F Super Hornet. The frontier wolrds & emmigartion fleets that wanted a relaxation of Unity Goverment involvement may very well be the ones that the trade restrictions on arms are enforced fully on. With so many Shensei Industry engineered options/varients for the 11-series, it is improbable to immagine that some group NOT trying to
  13. I agree with you, Valkyrie Driver, on the multi-role 'trap' of fighter design. Heck, I think the VA-3M is a great design (ugly as sin on looks, but that doesn't change operational performance). Only shortfall I see is that it can not get orbital under its own power, though the 4th & 5th generation variable crafts seems to be addressing that. No sense in doing an operation and not be able to extract with equipment from, and easier logistics if you can do it with less personnel. Some of those examples, through a different interpretation gives me a different conclusion, though I do al
  14. Since the conversation has moved on, I shall as well. On the idea of the VF-11 Thunderbolt-series getting an AVF upgrade; I see evidence in cannon that production of said has happened (possibility of at least a thousand), though dispersed throughout all the fleets that would be low numbers. The VF-19 may have had continued developments &/or customizations in separate fleets (like the VF-19EF/A for Isamu, or my earlier posting of VF-19FX). On the YF-30, in the same thread as the VF-11MAXL & VF-17, I feel it was designed as a a multi-use SOG (Special Operations Group) craft utilizing
  15. I have access to the newer Battletech books (not novels) due to Catalyst Game Labs being a customer of my employer (an independent book bindery). Above is the redesigned AirMech mode of the Phoenix Hawk LAM that appears in the Techbook 3085. I knew a many war-gamers that liked the Warhammer/Tomahawk design/layout. Always made me wonder why Destriods (which are supposedly cheaper) are not seen more often as sentries in the Macross continuum. Quite true, and agreed... <<<=========>>> True, though delayed/timed bleed-off of heat has its own issues, and potentials. Ev
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