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  1. https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/25892?token=1h9b6933
  2. A wall advertising for the Japanese crowdfunding platform Campfire and art seller Manga Art lists several "projects in the works" from the anime production company AIC: "a brand-new project in the Megazone 23 franchise, a Megazone 23 remake, a Pretty Sammy sequel, and others." The advertising in Tokyo's Akihabara district this week has the tagline, "AIC animates the projects you think of!" @mangaart_akb's crowdfunding add announces Pretty Sammy sequel, NEW Megazone 23 installment & remake currently in planning at AIC. #anime pic.twitter.com/4VUhh5PJaS
  3. I want to do as much as possible to understand MACROSS 2
  4. WHO CAN Upload "Macross II, 'Lovers Again' Close-Up",?I would like to know about the MACROSS 2 project phase.
  5. The SecondSpace War (May 2054 - December 2054)published in B-ClubMagazine #79 ?
  6. WHO CAN Upload history of VFs?The original published in B-ClubMagazine #79
  7. did someone have Mospeada Complete Art Works ?
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