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  1. If I had a second Yamato VF-1 v2 strike set, I would totally do this. I would buy a DX Chogokin release of this. I don’t care that it’s pink... I have this toy and it’s pretty cool. Gone a bit loose in the joints, but it’s neat to have...
  2. Here’s a full shot of what I’ve acquired in the last month:
  3. That's true, but even still a multi-role fighter is usually still a better fighter than it is anything else. You could dogfight with an F-105 or an F-4E, but those turned out to be better bombers than they were fighters, just as the F-16 is a better fighter than it is a bomber due to it's fairly limited payload compared to a B-1 or an A-10. I mean, that's a very practical method of doing things. The beam adapter is a one shot wonder, and the times we see it used in animation, it's never used against a hard target like a ship, so it's hard to say if it's really that powerful. That's fair. It just doesn't seem like there's a lot of stand-off weapons used by VF's to accomplish missions like anti-ship attacks, in the way that we see more and more stand-off weapons being employed in real life. Every VF seems to be designed around close to medium range engagements. I meant large, low rate of fire, cannons. Gunpods are a standard armament that are aircraft cannons, designed for high ROF to increase probability of hit and therefore increase probability of kill. I wasn't necessarily restricting it to solid projectile cannons, but asking about beam weapons as well. Most VF equipment seems geared towards taking out VF sized things, but we've seen examples in history where large guns are mounted on aircraft to take on targets which otherwise are too much for conventional aircraft armaments (37mm autocannons, 105mm howitzers, 75mm cannons). And I was wondering if there were parallels.
  4. I've been watching a lot of UC Gundam lately, and it got me thinking, are there any VF's which were either designed to kill ships or were there any which were particularly well suited for the task? I know that reaction missiles really make such a thing easy to do. Were there any large cannon equipped VF's?
  5. Came here to say this. Though I think that the idea is less to keep the gun smoke away from the canopy, and more to direct it away from the engine intakes. if you’ll recall the A-10 prototypes had issues with flameouts due to gun exhaust entering the intakes.
  6. Here are a few of my recent acquisitions: I’m currently waiting for a couple of TSF’s to arrive, they’re in the states, but in limbo. Super happy to have the YF-19 in my collection, and the Zeta Plus C1 is just a real cool addition to my expanding scope of transforming toys.
  7. I ordered my Bandai DX YF-19 Full Set in that condition, sad to say I seem to be missing the intake covers... otherwise the toy was (is) fine.
  8. Yeah, I'm aware. Even at it's worst, it seemed to be less of a problem than in other fandoms. Maybe that's because it's uncommon to find fellow Macross fans in the wild here in the US. Yeah, I've been lurking for a while, not really posting, because I didn't really have anything to share, but MW has seemed to become a lot calmer, than it was a few years ago. It's almost like arguing over fantasy is stupid. It's almost like we're asking people to be civilized adults on the internet, and discussing something we all enjoy. Seems like a reasonable request.
  9. Everyone except for the Stated Protagonist, Basara. He didn't just stay on model, he didn't change. Episode 1 Basara was exactly the same as Episode 49 Basara. The other characters grew around him, and Basara was the same. Not every character has to grow and change, Roy Focker was a static character, and we loved him. He was a character who had already shed his naivete, the same way we saw Hikaru do. Even the baddies grew and changed in M7. Basara didn't feel real, because of that. Like Seto said, that's what happens when you blow the show's budget on music. Every Macross has a balance of elements that it has to maintain. It's like 5 elements or something; Mecha, Music, War Story, Animation, and Love Story. Shows like SDFM and MF managed to define that balance, while others like M7 and Delta skew too far to one or two elements. The OVA's and Movies usually skew too much towards others. Another problem is that good Real-Robot anime tend to be longer format (it takes about 13 episodes for a single arc). Maybe I'm in the minority, but I actually hated the outrageous color palate. I hated the flight demonstration team colors on combat aircraft. I have the Yamato VF-11C toy, and it feels really strange, because it feels unpainted...
  10. Which is actually one thing I adore about this fan community. "Oh, you like Macross II? That's cool, it's not my favorite, but you do you boo boo..." as opposed to "Current Disney canon is terrible and inconsistent and it's all childish trash, REEEEEE!!!!!" I'll take our relative indifference to outright hostility any day...
  11. I was actually curious about the Arm cannon from Macross Plus that had all of a 2 second appearance; The recent Bandai YF-19 toy has it designed to fold up and stow in fighter mode, is there any evidence to support that it was designed to do that, or was that Bandai catering to toy collectors? Another question about it, what role was it supposed to fulfill? I kinda tend to think about it being included with the FAST pack system, since it is an add on weapons package, even if it could only be used in battroid or gerwalk modes (other FAST Packs were multimode use).
  12. Here are my two most recent acquisitions: I’m really happy to have both of these in my collection! I finally have the fully loaded YF-19 and VF-4 toys that I’ve always wanted!
  13. I have the VF-19Adv which is basically the same toy, but I had been wanting this one since it was announced. Found it for ¥24,000 on Mandarake.
  14. I’ve got the VF-19 Adv so I’m aware of some of the shortcomings of the design. Unless there have been issues that I’m not aware of?
  15. I just purchased a couple of Volks TSF’s from Muv Luv, and I ordered a Full Set YF-19 DX Chogokin from Mandarake. I’m really looking forward to getting them!
  16. I just put in an order for one of these full set bad boys on Mandarake. I’m looking forward to getting it.
  17. Given that this seems prototypical of later VF designs (like the VF-17/171, VF-25, VF-27, VF-31, and a few others), that seems like it would be a no-brainer upgrade.
  18. Another question about the VF-4, it seems that the design is lacking head lasers, which given how much they’ve been used in the shows, seems like a critical design oversight.
  19. So it sounds like the VF-4 could have remained in use by some colony fleets for decades. Seeing design revision and updates and continuous production with those incremental improvements. I was curious because the numbers stated on Macross Mecha Manual have the VF-1X and the VF-4G, both apparently introduced around the same timeframe, but the VF-1X’s performance data seems to totally outclass the VF-4G.
  20. Would fleets that left Earth with the VF-4 as their primary fighter have continued to upgrade them past the G-model, or would it have been more economical to simply adopt a new fighter? Was the VF-4G the last official UN Spacy variant, or was it a longevity enhancement for colony fleets?
  21. Eh, somewhat? It’s a fairly elegant solution though, given that the cockpit ends up shielded and located in the torso. The “head” is really just a sensor turret with cameras and other imaging sensors. We don’t ever really see any other sensors at work, but I have to Imagine that it has FLIR, Light Amplification, and Thermal built in. Not to mention being a convenient place to put lasers for missile defense. And I think GERWALK should see more use. It has a lot of versatility that we never really get to see explored.
  22. I’m actually really happy to see that this thread is still here and active two and a half years after I started it! Y’all are great!
  23. Thanks guys! I think that I’ll pull the models apart into assemblies and paint them that way. The one I’m really wanting to do is a Zeta Plus, which I want to do a Custom USAF low vis scheme on, with some nods to the original scheme.
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