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Yamato v2. 1/60 VF-1A Cavaliers


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oh you~

I remember when people didn't like the 1/48 fillers because they wanted the more obscure TV VF-1s

how times have changed ( -w-) ;

LOL. I'm actually one of those that's been whining for the military scheme v2 since the first v2. :p

Besides the Stealth, Low Vis and Woodland camo sold out quicker than the few obscure 1/48 TV fillers. :D

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I like that it's something different, wish it had the DYRL head... :(

What doesn't thrill me is the gray canopy frame & trapezoid on the nose. It breaks up the black area too much.


It's not supposed to have a DRYL head, it only appeared in the T.V. series.

This thing before a Stealth, Low Vis, and woodland camo v2... :(

Not that I have anything against it, and probably will get it.

This. For frak's sake, Yamato, PLEASE make either a Stealth and/or Low Vis. Pretty please? Also, I like that paint scheme too.


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Is there also a 19F there as well? Look at that second pic over on the left. That's a 19's toe with a dab of blue showing.

On topic now, I'm not quite sure the blue on this thing accurately matches the show's color. It seems a little bit too light or pastel or something. I still want one though.

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That's odd, I wonder why they're holding off showing more about the F and P but showing everything for the new 17's.

Graham gave some insights about this last week: Bandai put or advised a hold on releasing new M7 products because of a possible upcoming BD M7 Set AFAIK

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come on preorder!!! i really like the different colored schemes. I hope this spawns more of the unusual schemes, and even the non-canon ones, like maybe a Minmay Guard, moon and Paris act. DOOOOO IT!

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