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  1. Going by context, it would seem that the engineering crew member either didn't do something correctly, like failed to follow engine starting procedures, or perhaps they didn't perform the necessary maintenance beforehand?
  2. Fair point. I like the dark color scheme better than the Blue, Red, or Green. It's the only one I'm waiting on.
  3. Oh no, not until they finally release my shadow fighter! 😛
  4. Indeed! I'd also LOVE to see a VF-0S as well.
  5. I'd honestly be surprised if we got anything out of this before the end of the year, I'd love to be proven wrong though.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks Frontier was the best Macross outside of the original TV and DYRL version?
  7. I've decided to put this up for sale as I don't have the room for it at the moment. I only opened this up to inspect it and make sure that it arrived to me OK. You will note in the second pic there is bubble wrap in the tray to prevent the parts from moving around and getting into the area with the model in it. Also I placed some bubble wrap behind the engine nozzles to prevent them from coming out (They're removable and swaps with a different engine nozzle set that it comes with) and being loose with the model like how it originally came to me... :-\ I'm only asking what I paid which was $154.60 $140 $130 $120 USD shipped in the U.S.. Payment to be made via paypal Don't worry, I'll pack it better than they did, it's a wonder it arrived in one piece. Pics:
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