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  1. It truly was an awesome experience. His one-hour talk about his and Macross history was very enlightening. For me I had my Yamato VF-1J Hikaru signed, my Macross Frontier, and a postcard that they gave away for free. Best thing was I had a Gerwalk artwork done, and he forgot to fold the backpack. He then told me that artwork is now one of its kind in the world because of that mistake. It was also humbling that he asked to take a photo with me after I gave him a gift, which was a small photo of my VF-1S and Minmay with some minor photo editing on the LED monitor background.
  2. http://kanogawahiro.blogspot.com/2016/06/bandai-172-macross-delta-vf-31-j.html
  3. I'm pretty sure they will be releasing these Siegfrieds with Walkure ita-decals like they did for the Macross F kits.
  4. Good day, guys. I haven't bought any Macross toys in years, and I just started doing WWII plane models this year. Looking forward to building Macross kits in the near future. Any good kits in 1/72 to recommend?
  5. Sorry for thread revival, but I want to confirm if this music video is the one that was included in the Bluray or if it's just another fan mashup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5g_3_0FfPE
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