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  1. there is an articulation but sadly it is very loose in my case it hardly can stand properly
  2. how did you attach those weapon pylon ? :| did the yf 24 have a hole attachment?
  3. valid

    Hi-Metal R

    but there's none of it on regult wonder why?
  4. valid

    Hi-Metal R

    hi guys a quick question , in glaug .. it have a claw at the feet? do you know the purpose of those claw?
  5. AWESOME!! i bet it's very big, mine was design for hi metal
  6. will it be transformable? edit.. 17 cm ... please ignore my question
  7. valid

    Hi-Metal R

    pass for the toynami.. no improvement at all!
  8. LOL... i think because it's toynami.. they never learn new trick
  9. i think i'll pass.. still hoping for figma or shf figure
  10. http://news.toyark.com/2015/07/09/sdcc-2015-toynami-robotech-165866 so.. will you buy this?
  11. hai xigfrid.. sorry but what i mean is bandai 1:100 macross factory http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN977905/Sci they came with a truck and small vehicle
  12. guys sorry for a late question..i just received my 0d.. and i saw jenius video .. what happen with the leg? is ist detachable? or is it break?
  13. where did you get this??? oh how i want one of this
  14. thanks guys.. I will post the progress as soon as i can @chass.. basically i use the tv series as my reference for the building, but i'm planning to give it more detail like a store canopy. store sign and others.. for the kit i used an old imaii vf 1 d model kit, and the truck came from bandai 1:100 macross hangar , there will be a busted regault at the foreground.. and few lighting fx.. right now i'm still trying to create minmay figure.. it's to small for a 3d print..
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