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  1. And probably the rarest Macross item I have is a sketch of a VF-1S in Gerwalk Mode. This is personally drawn by Shoji Kawamori at Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 in Manila. His assistant told me that he made a mistake and forgot to fold the rear part of the Valkyrie, and that it is the only one of its kind in the world.
  2. These were stuff I had autographed by Shoji Kawamori when he visited Manila for Asia Pop Comic Con 2017. First is a postcard, second is the poster that came with the Bandai DX Chogokin YF-29, and the third is my Yamato VF-1J.
  3. It truly was an awesome experience. His one-hour talk about his and Macross history was very enlightening. For me I had my Yamato VF-1J Hikaru signed, my Macross Frontier, and a postcard that they gave away for free. Best thing was I had a Gerwalk artwork done, and he forgot to fold the backpack. He then told me that artwork is now one of its kind in the world because of that mistake. It was also humbling that he asked to take a photo with me after I gave him a gift, which was a small photo of my VF-1S and Minmay with some minor photo editing on the LED monitor background.
  4. http://kanogawahiro.blogspot.com/2016/06/bandai-172-macross-delta-vf-31-j.html
  5. I'm pretty sure they will be releasing these Siegfrieds with Walkure ita-decals like they did for the Macross F kits.
  6. Good day, guys. I haven't bought any Macross toys in years, and I just started doing WWII plane models this year. Looking forward to building Macross kits in the near future. Any good kits in 1/72 to recommend?
  7. Sorry for thread revival, but I want to confirm if this music video is the one that was included in the Bluray or if it's just another fan mashup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5g_3_0FfPE
  8. 1. Cancelation of HiMetal. Seriously, they could have kept the line going with other non VF-1 toys. 2. Their CHOGOKIN. I don't know why they call it like that, since I rarely feel anything super about it. Voltes V is a very popular robot here in the Philippines, but I sold off my SOC because the metal ankles are loose as hell. I think is also evident in most of their DX Chogokin VFs. 3. Exclusives. Well yeah there's a certain bragging right to be earned by having these items, but it's really costly when you're out of Japan. 4. Half-baked ideas. What I actually mean here is that, why can't they make a very good toy from the start if they can? Remember the v.1 DX Chogokin that can't even do a proper Gerwalk while Yamato has had that thigh swivel in their 1/48 VFs? 5. So hard to order VFs. I think you guys already know this. I only have one DX which is the YF-29 Alto which I got from a friend, so I never felt the camping thing you guys do for the preorders. But judging from your posts it seems like hell. 6. And yeah, they don't seem to be going on with their AGP Strike Witches.
  9. So I guess they have pricks in the assembly line. This is quite saddening, considering that this is probably their only major release this year. I'm quite worried now too since I ordered from Amiami, and it might take a week or two before it arrives since it's coming with my friend's monthly order batch. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed, and also hoping that Arcadia would provide replacement parts through the stores for the affected parties. It's one thing to accidentally break your Valk due to carelessness, another thing to have faulty parts like the v.2 VF-1 initially had, but broken parts deliberately packed?
  10. Does the plastic shelling have those sorts of bumps around the keep the figure in place? Because it looks to me that they don't have them, which means there would be not stress at all in placing the entire Valk on the shelling, which could probably mean that they deliberately packed them even if there were broken wings? And yeah, Amiami only offered me the same 1500 yen for a QC issue on my VF-19P which had its head quite a bit misaligned. It was good that I managed to wiggle that gray neck part into the middle, or else I would have had a head in Fighter mode that wouldn't go all the way flush. It is quite annoying that Amiami only gave me a reason that Yamato was known for QC issues hence they can only provide a small refund.
  11. I wouldn't say there is a final satisfaction, but I would admit that my interest has quite dwindled after I've gotten Hikaru's Strike 1S and the Fire Valkyrie. But since I'm a Max fan too and it was his units that got me started in collecting, I'm still after the VF-1J M&M's that I missed.
  12. Hoping for better pics soon ^^
  13. kamadoma

    Macross figures

    Awesome Sheryl Nome figure from Wonderfest 2013. To be made by MaxFactory.
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