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  1. Mine arrived in perfect condition. After a couple of rough transformations, this valk is still solid as a rock with 0 issues. I didn't know it was possible, but Arcadia/Yamato keeps on improving their QC with each release. This valk is the best one I've got so far. I hope we don’t turn any stiff joint into a full blown QC conspiracy, as there was with the Yamato VF-1 cracked shoulders (1 out of my 9 valks have this “issue”). (BTW I'm curious, I have yet to see a similar thread for the Bandai Renewals. All mine ( are riddled with loose limbs, paint scratches & smudges and various other issues, which we surprisingly don’t acknowledge much)
  2. Seeing that SDF-1 silhouette made me instantly think of Macross The First. Then again, it could be something like the SDF-4 in Frontier. Here’s hoping that Arcadia will be making the figures and toys this time! New TV series = new music, new mecha, new collectibles =
  3. The release date has been set to Arpil (which usually means the end of a month, so expect these around the 30th of April) ever since the preorders first went up at hlj.com. I’m pretty sure these will be available long after they’re released, and will eventually be part of a HLJ Macross sale a few months from now.
  4. We’re already complaining about the color, by judging a photograph of a printed ad for a CG render? Seriously? In that case I’m canceling my preorder, since it looks like we get half a valk. Seriously though, can't wait for this! Already saving up for two (going to try a low-vis custom).
  5. It’s not the VF-14? I’m canceling my preorder! The shape of the lineart and the blue colors on the text/background is a clear giveaway for the 0D. Plus, Arcadia teased the VF-0D for some time now, and even hinted on the VF-9 Cutlass, which I hope we’ll see in 2015/2016.
  6. T minus 3 days for more news, perhaps.
  7. There doesn’t seem to be more tampo printing on that YF-30 than any other Yamato release.
  8. Crazy wing folding is crazy. It’s like we’ve seen this design already with the VF-25 and 27. :/ In any case, a new VF-# = tossing $$$ at the screen. Please be a web exclusive...
  9. Unlike the Bandais, plenty of these will be available for months, if not a year after release, so anyone can easily save up for one or more (especially when there are HLJ sales). The price is a lot lower than what was predicted here, and seems somewhat reasonable, considering the average price of these things, and the tons of accessories that come with this. Over the course of next year I’ll definitely pick up 3.
  10. Too bad everything has to be zombies these days (that’s what it looks like in the trailer). It would be great to see something creative for once, and some new and unique/iconic alien/mutant designs, rather than just people in undead makeup. :/ Aside from that, it looks actually pretty interesting. It reminded me of ALIEN in positive way.
  11. Saw the original movie back in the late 80's, and since then I was a Robo fan, so I will say this: Awesome trailer is awesome. Looks like a good modern reboot with a different story. It's great it's not a 1:1 retelling of the original. Too bad they went with the black suit, the silver one in the trailer looks amazing! Really looking forward to this.
  12. Decided to cancel my preorder for the YF-29 Isamu to get a second/third one of these. If they are releasing painted prototype pics now, I guess the release date will be around Jan-March, maybe?
  13. Can anyone confirm/deny if there was a RoboCop trailer attached to Elysium? :/ Marketing for the RC reboot has been pretty poor so far, to say the least, and the trailer was rumored to be out today. The music to Elysium is pretty epic. Can’t wait to see it next week, hopefully.
  14. Tenjin box art + YF-19's tons of accessories + stands which store items… Arcadia is really bringing Macross collectibles to a whole new level in terms of awesomeness.
  15. The tinted canopy looks awesome! Way more badass than just simply clear. edit: Yup, looking back at my old YF-19 and comparing it with the new one, I definitely prefer the newer, darker canopy.
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