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Macross The First inspired VF-1A


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After finishing the Regult last month, I've been back at my MtF VF-1A. Most of the painting and assembly is done - working on the ordinance now, so it's time to think about decals.

I did some investigation into how the aircraft numbering works and zoomed in on a couple screenshots of the VF-1 Master File. Attached are my plans for the decals.

What is not in place yet is the squadron logo. I'm waffling between 2 ideas: The "Terror Birds" or the "Stellar Jays" Still drafting the emblem for the Jays, but I think I like that one better.





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I dig the design, very nice.

I always found taping to be a bitch, but I've gotten more experienced and knowing how it works, but it's never really full proof. I think the most successful tape job I ever did was my megascale RX-78-2 I did last month. That was I'd dare to say a flawless tape job. I didn't have any over spray on that sucker.

I guess the trick would be as you're laying down the tape, if there are any panel lines to press the edge of your finger nail down at the edge of the tape to seal it. Then run your thumb over the tape to get a good seal there as well. Or more vice versa so you don't got any air pockets or anything to let paint seep thru.

It's really a lot more difficult with Valkyries than it would be for gundams. I experienced this a lot with my build kit with a lot of black and blue for my trim pieces seeping paint into unwanted areas. Mostly because paint schemes from MtF like Hikaru's or what you're doing recquire a ton of taping that has to be seperated into layers first, then stripped, and cleaned, then done again. I noticed that even though I'm using blue painters tape and it says it leaves no adhesive behind, it actually is leaving a lot of adhesive behind!

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Hmm, so I passed the VF-1A on the way to the embattled dryer, and I can't help but wonder if it needs more white. Just seems too brown behind the main fuselage. I'm thinking I

might pop the legs off and paint the backs of them white - a bit like the standard CF scheme.

Can I get an opinion, folks?

Better 1 or 2?


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Very cool! I prefer #2 as well. #1 reminds me too much of Frontier.

Some feedback: the white "U.N. SPACY" on the leg, while scaled properly, looks a little off as it touches the top & bottom of the black stripe. You can keep it as-is, or if you agree, I don't know how one would change it. Perhaps:

  1. make the font smaller/shorter so there's black framing the top & bottom
  2. make the black stripe taller to encompass the text, like the classic VF-1
  3. give the letters that 3D look (like on ships & aircraft carriers) but this wouldn't match any known paint scheme

I don't know. It looks awesome, regardless!!!

What're you going to use for making the decals?

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I like #2 as well. With the distribution of white on the bottom, that much brown just looks chunky.

Grapetang: I was just going to use the kit UN Spacy decals. I'll have to measure them to make sure the size is good. The other decals will be laser printed on clear decal paper.

I'm not sure I'll fill the half sheet, so if anyone needs some small clear decals (no white backing, though), pm me!

To clarify: I'm offering to laser print decals in the extra room left on the sheet.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's a ? for y'all who've built this kit:

Do you use the canopy frame decal or paint it? If the latter, do you future, mask, then paint?


I've always used the decal. I'm worried about properly masking on the top curve of the canopy, that's why I use the decal. I sand away the ridge, and wax it first, then decal.

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Thanks for the tip. It's been masked so long I forgot about the canopy completely! I need to redip in future, as it was looking a little cloudy.

I do need to thicken the leg stripe a little to accommodate the kit's UN Spacy decal, which I'll do tonight. If I have time at lunch today, I'll get into illustrator for the Stellar Jays emblem. Then I'll get the decals ready to print!

Wow, all future tense. Sigh. Spending more time ebaying than building...


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Lookin' good there, Kelsain.

The more I look at these new motifs, the more I prefer them to the original, where the striping in fighter mode just end at the seam between the battroid's chest and backpack. The way the lines continue down and flow into the wings gives the VF a much more integrated look.

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  • 6 years later...




So I discovered this box again in my basement, and realized that I was pretty close to being done. So I've spent the last week or so designing decals and then applying them to my MtF brown VF-1A.

In order to complete the decals and make efficient use of the sheet, I may have spent some extra time planning out the squadron. This included changing the carrier to the ARMD-08 Midway, as I intended them to be based around a LaGrange Point (thus the LG on the tails) I also may have planned out names for all the members of the current squadron, named all of the flights and experimented with platoon leader color schemes and the squadron leader as well...

I can get to that all shortly, but for now; here are the pics of the Stellar Jays #223, BlueJay Platoon, piloted by 2nd Lt. K. Dazai.

After a few touch-ups, I'll need to Future this again, then panel line. Given the weather lately, I'm not sure that's gonna happen anytime too soon.


223_1 copy.jpg




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Looks great, man. Your painting skills are on point.  A long time ago, this inspired me to do a Yamato unassembled kit combining the Alaska base green, and the MtF style color scheme. I never started, but this brings it back to life for me. Again, great job.

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So, as I'd mentioned before, I spent WAY too much time thinking about my custom squadron while planning a full sheet of decals...

While doing so, I mapped out flight colors, pilot names and additional color schemes. Taking the cue from SDFM, where Hikaru & Co are part of Vermillion (red) platoon, and his fighter is white with red trim, I figured on each platoon having it's own color - and a jay related nickname as well. The squadron leader really likes birds.

So here is the titular Steller's Jay, from which they derive their name:StellerJay_sm.jpg.66317aba6f699c22ed049a9272317e2d.jpg


And here's the Squadron's organization. From what little I've read, looks like most pilots in Navy/JSDF would be considered 2nd LT & up, with 1st LT & Cpt being acceptable for platoon leaders, Maj for Squadron leader. So that's what I've gone with for now.


For my Hasegawa Fighter VF-1A, Gerwalk VF-1A, & Battroid model kits, I'm focusing on the Bluejay Platoon. Eventually I might actually get these done... The Gerwalk will have the same color scheme as the 1A above. I'm torn on the platoon leader scheme, though. I can't decide if I want to swap the brown for blue, or stay true to the MtF concept and copy Hikaru's scheme from the Manga.


Both look good, but I like the bluer one, so I'm leaning toward that. I'm just not sure if they look too distinct and less like one squadron together.



For the pilot figures, I planned 2 variations of their color schemes - 1 more SDFM styled and 1 more DYRL. I used the M3 style suit, cuz it's my favorite, but it doesn't matter too much at 1/72. CF pilots get a basic white suit with their platoon coloring on the visor.



The Squadron Leader, Maj. Gmelin, takes a more direct inspiration from the Steller's Jay for her livery:



I might have to get an additional battered to do this one. Although it's possible that it may stay digital. As I've been working on this, I think I have more fun with this planning and coloring aspect than actually building the models!

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Put too many pics on the last one...

Finally, in deciding between the color schemes, here's the battroid options A & B:




In this one, the squadron leader just used the same pattern as the others, but I think it loses something.

I dunno, what do you all think? Blue VF-1J or White?

Given that I've had the VF-1A kit since 2004, I honestly wonder if I'll have these done before my daughter goes to college...

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And yes, I've even started thinking about the Stellar Jay livery on other VF's as they move forward in their fictional history. Here's a VF-11, adapted from Mr March's 11C.

I know, I got too far into this.




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Added Ventral view
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5 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

I'd go with A too. Great scheme, Kelsain. :good: 

But can you try adding white on the head? Like on the mouth piece. Right now the head blends too much around the blue parts surrounding it.


Do you mean on the VF-1S?

Like so?




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