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Hi all:

I have just finished the 1/2000 Yamato SDF-1 prototype resin kit. I have been working on this every night since I received the kit in February. I would like to take this opportunity to thank two person. First, my wife for letting me get the kit, and her support. Second, Tokyou Hunter for their help in getting the kit, and checking all the parts prior to shipping it off.

Overall, I am very happy with the kit. There is alot of thought that went into the design of the kit. It is more complex compare to the Bandai 1/60 perfect grade kit. While most of the perfect grade are assembled in 2 pieces in every step (2-D assembly), the SDF-1 requires multiple pieces locking a multi angle in the same step (3-D assembly)to minimize the number of screws needes. Even as a mechanical engineer I find this impressive, despite a few error in the construction guide.

As I am seeing more and more 1/2000 kit finishing up, and I am sure alot of people will be customizing their 1/3000 toy in the future, I just wanted to share with you some references I find, what detailing methods are more effective, etc.

Due to the number of pictures, I will divide it up into 6 posting, here are the sections:

1.)Crusier Mode

2.)Attack Mode

3.)Macross City

4.)Detailing and references (and some how-to's)

5.)Mechanical modifications (to make the 12 pound kit more rigid for wooshing it around the house)

6.)opening scene (just for fun)

7.)size comparison (added later in P.3)

8.)large pictures (added later in P.3)

9.)Construction Manual (added later in P.5)

10.)1/3000 SDF-1 lightly weathered vs. 1/2000 SDF-1 customized (click on link below)


p.s sorry for being so wordy...

Here are the sections, enjoy!

1.)Cruiser Mode


2.)Attack Mode


3.)Macross City


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Looking at these pics is bittersweet.

Sweet in that this is a masterpiece crafted with crazy skills and superbly detailed.

Bitter in that I currently have either the skill, space or money to own one of these.... :(:lol:

Thanks for the comments everyone! I am so glad you guys like it!

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Talk about attention to detail...unbelievable. My hat goes off to you, vf_1s. I can't even imagine how many hours went into it. I sure hope this thing ends up at the MacrossWorld Convention. I just have to see it in person. Bravo, vf_1s.

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This is sick, perhaps the ultimate 1/2000 SDF-1 customization.

Your work should be on all the japanese model-kits magazines, simply amazing.

I would have this masterpiece insured, very valuable custom you have there.

I also like the colors you used. No disrespect for Kurt's work but his SDF-1 customization was a bit off, not much contrast as yours.

And the vibrant colors you used for the Macross city is phenomenal. The other details are also incredible.

You should receive a medal and trophy from Yamato for the best 1/2000 SDF-1 customization ever made.

Best Macrossworld toy post in years. Congratulations!!

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Someone get these photos over to Yamato so they can forward them on to Kawamori-san! Graham?

Seriously, these are incredible pictures and an incredible effort by you! I'm seriously jealous of your skills, but in a good way!


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What an amazing build and modifications.

Wonderful wonderful job!

Love the comment on the stabilization wing; I would "woosh" that thing around the house until my arms were about to fall off hehehe

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Even in my better days, I couldn't make something like this. Since I'm here in MW, I NEVER felt so impressed, so thrilled. Man, I'm so jelous! This is a true Masterpice. As Takatoys said, your model should be in each and every Model-kits magazine. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, and from now, one of my dreams is to see this beauty in person... in fact, if I were Miyatake, I would fly to your house right now.

PD: Thank you for posting so many pictures, but if you could post a few bigger, it should be great!

PD2: Why did you post this in the Toys section? This is a model kit! (even if it was made by a toys factory)

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