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  1. Ordered my DX31AX from Amazon Japan to Florida cost $315 total on Christmas Day. Delivery is scheduled for end of day today 12/28 DHL. That’s 3 days !!! Hopefully it arrives in good condition.
  2. If anybody living in the US is in need of a GFFMC Zaku Tri Stars at retail Merry Christmas https://surethingtoys.com/collections/hot-off-the-truck/products/bandai-tamashii-nations-mobile-suit-gundam-ms-06r-1a-black-tri-star-zaku-gffmc-action-figure
  3. Man for over 1K I’d be pissed. Hopefully another member can send you the contents from the card and just by another SD card their pretty cheap. I was gonna buy the 1/12 cockpit this Black Friday. Hopefully you can get that video sorted out.
  4. If you missed metal build Sinaju. Or more like me and like flat colors rather than glossy here you go. $177 shipped from Gundamit.com https://gundamit.com/honglajiao-1-100-ms-10s-msn-06-sinanju_p0336.html
  5. im interested in this figure who did you order from and what was the cost?
  6. I really wanted the Lohengrin launcher and was bummed i slept past the order window. well I'm here to tell you that you need to keep checking the sight. i just got 1. and received order confirmation. got a general email from p-bandai this morning, looked at the list of items and noticed the Lohengrin launcher was pictured. I had thought they removed it from the site days ago. clicked and long story short, I was able to order it. just 1. went back to the link to post it here and it states sold out. maybe their staggering links for emails that work. just keep checking guys.
  7. unfortunately dragon scale is not huge and proportions are weird. super deformed metal build. really sad as these would be awsome in 1/18 scale
  8. Can i pm you mine ? I would like to know the status of my order also.
  9. Me to. Still waiting for my tracking from luna to go live.
  10. That hazel is an awesome piece. so this being p-Bandai limited it should go up on the US p-Bandai site? part of me says a metal build hazel is next save your money. Don't let them get you like they did with Justice lol.
  11. Thanks for your input. To be honest ohmyPrimus has a lot of stuff not sold readily in the US hence why I used them before. Also unless their selling licensed items their price is pretty good to me. But since last year their shipping has gone through the roof. I see no option for economy shipping. Also adding another item to the cart just doubles the price. That’s how I see it from my US standpoint though.
  12. can you post a link also how much is shipping to the USA? if you know.
  13. oh my Primus was my go to then COVID hit and the price for shipping killed any deals they had for me. Sinaju, kyshatria, and some others I wanted to buy shipping just made it to high. for some reason this Aile Strike is showing $275 just for shipping to Florida. Plus the $138 for the figure. That’s why I was waiting on Show Z.
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