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  1. I haven't handled the said toy, only shown the picture. I'll try and see myself this weekend
  2. not to be a party pooper guys, but a friend of mine encountered a QC issue with his unit...Apparently, the production wrongly installed the 'ankle-ring' on the left leg. I'll try to upload the pics asap. Edit: Here it is:
  3. my oh my....this will seriously affects my financial planning next year...
  4. I'm in...would love to add another awesome mech to my meager collection, never mind the story...
  5. I would buy this, but like always, refuse to loose any sleep over this. Just like the vf-171, got my unit by the end of the month without all those finger-cramping clicking.... Hopefully, my supplier will be able to come through with this one also..
  6. Reivaj...thanks again for the awesome pics!
  7. this never fail to bring tears to me....
  8. ....wait, my boss just walk by.... .. ... .... ..... more please!
  9. Haha, just trying my luck there... Anyways, the custom paintjobs are not done by me, I sent them to my usual customiser, Ryu Kaze....
  10. Kicker...awesome as always! Any chance letting some of the figures go? *Always wanted a Misa Hayase fig.... Anyway, here's my little contribution to this thread: 1/60 Thunder Hammer on a VF-1S 1/60 GBP Armor on a VF-1J That's most of it:
  11. Haha...sure kicker, thanks for the awesome pic too! here's our facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/136221716403846/
  12. great job man! Can I post these pictures in Macross Fans Of Malaysia facebook page?
  13. simple yet creative! Who says this hobby is only wasting money?
  14. boyarque

    WTF iShop2go!!

    Really? I just logged in, and everything seems to work fine with the website...
  15. and sagging Crotch...ewww...i hate it if it would happen to me...err...to my valks I mean
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