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  1. Bobe & jenius, unfortunately no joke machines or HCM. Only Vintage stuff I have is a Takatoku SDF-1, a Gakken Blue Legioss & Gakken Ride Armor. But I didn't bring those up with me to LA. If any of those are of interest I can get them the next time i'm in SD.
  2. Hi Yman, If I still have them after Saturday I will let you know
  3. Hello fellow Macross World Members! I'm looking to slim down my collection of Macross stuff I've acquired over the years, so I'm going to have a Vendor table at the Super Dimension Convention this Saturday. Trying to get a gauge of what people are looking to buy, so I can figure out what to bring and what can stay in storage. Almost everything I have is either MIB or MISB. Here a sampling of some the items I can bring: - Bandai 1/55 Reissues - Bandai 1/60 Macross Frontier DX Chogokin (non-renewals) - Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Valks (SDFM, DYRL, Yamato Original paint schem
  4. I foresee Rick Hunter & Khyron playing a game of chicken. Veritech vs. Battlepod, both survive the mid air collision and continue the fight using wreckage from the vehicles as weapons and there will be a tribute to Roy Fokker as the credits roll. Probably a Wiz Khalifa song with a white guy singing the hook
  5. "Happy AmiAmi? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle"
  6. Well maybe they'll work out a deal with Madtoys to re-brand it as official Voltron merchandise like they did with the super deformed Dream Goraion. I thought when they acquired the Dream Goraion, they'd make them fix the things they purposely changed to avoid being infringement (like the pointy ends of the red wings) but it's just a straight rebox as far as I can tell.
  7. When put side by side, Madtoys rendition looks like an MMA fighter and the Toynami version looks like a 13 year old kid wearing a Voltron costume for Halloween
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