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  1. Be interesting to see were this will head. It might be that Hasbro come up with the complete history of HG and Sunrise and that fact that HG haven't stopped the distribution of any VF-1's from international shops to the rest of the world. Or that fact that other companies are manufacturing and selling the 100% accurate version of what they claim is their design. And the fact that the original markings were based on an official army will make it interesting. I have seen bits of the Games Workshop vs the world with the Space Marine usage in books. And it crashed as the original use was created by people many years before they even thought of the concept. And the defending Lawyers showed heaps of research in the terms previous usage. and I would guess Hasbro will do the same to prove the pattern has been used before. And for all we know this might be the making or breaking of HG. But I bet one thing Hasbro will probably make sure that this is a very lengthy court case. But it s not good to piss off big firms that could help you in the future. And since they are selling something that no one wants to buy and from what I have heard fans have not been impressed by there latest offering as most know now where RT came from. Some reviews as Amazon show that they haven't been impressed with this latest release. that's my 2 cents worth
  2. I'm sold and it would be great to compare it to the one they made in the 80's. But people will still complain, and as I always say don't complain unless you can do a better job. It takes a lot of engineering to get these things right. And they are trying to re-create anime magic. And for an affordable price. But I like them and they should be an easy job for custom paint jobs. And probably take less work then that Yammie kit. that's my 2 cents worth anyway
  3. I final have ordered a VF-17S - VF-19S the VF-1A CF and the Figures that they have released. Just wish the VF-11 was up. I wasn't able to afford it when it was out....
  4. Put me down for 1/60 set. Do you ship to Australia?
  5. I think it will be a very long time for Toynami to produce anything at all
  6. It looks like it will be quite a bit larger then the 1:72. Thankfully you should most likely have to probably only draw one side then mirror it for the side to be correct. Bit it looks like quite a bit of work. Keep going your going great, and your progession as you go is good to see.
  7. A mechanical draftsman sort of draws mechanical parts which are used for a building process. I currently draw Gas Regulator stations and meter stations. I think of it as an interactive Lego kit. But I can apply the same basic principle to models. etc. The more that I look at it I can think of how they use cad to design model kits and how they get most of it to work together these days. And make em give great respect to the guy's that used to do it before this technology was available
  8. Interesting, and where it heads has me interested. I like the fact that you are doing 3d Modeling to do you conversions. I have been thing of it my self. And that fact that your using a Digital Caliper has me interested. I first thought the best way would be to scan the basic plans from the Hasagawa kit, scale it up 1:1 and try and convert it from there. Then try and add the other parts and changes as needed. That is if you had a basic copy of the plans. I am currently trying to upscale a X-N Rasier to 1:100 by drawing a scaled version from the model it self and then scaling it to it's correct dimensions then bring it back to the scale that I need then to the modes I need to poly caps and such in the file then get it printed out and see if it I worked it out right I find your work interesting and the fact that I am a Mechanical Draftsman makes it even more interesting to to see how you do it. I am currently using AutoCAD and am starting to use AutoDesk Inventor for the serious stuff. What software do you use? And great to see your work
  9. This is a definate must buy for my collection. And the best place to look is amazon_JP as they are shipping world wide from Japan. on one note. Most releases from Bandai recently I have noticed have English subs. Only one question for me is. Why they haven't done these for the macross releases
  10. I think these marvel movies are based on the Marvel Ultimates not the usual Marvel universe. Hence the differences. I've been a big fan of the marvel universe for a while. And when ever I see a movie adaption of a comic. I always remember that they are trying to sell these to a broader audience then the main stream fans. I think it's going to be great. But that me.
  11. When it comes to HG. I think we have to think in decades and 4-5 years is short term. As it took over 20 years for them to produce anything new. And the limbo that they are now in is killing the franchise. And until they actually release anything, all they will do is slowly loose what fan base they have left. Their biggest problem to is what is left of the fan base really want Macross related stuff. And they know that they will not be able to happen as the only real thing Macross related that HG can really release is the version they use in ROBOTECH. And also Macross is to well know as a Franchise in it's own right. With different series and OVA's. And you also get the fanatic fans that occasionally pop up on this board to try and justify that Macross is Ripping off RT. Which is completely Oximoron in it's own way. But also a failing on there Part is that they have stalled for so long to produce anything. New series, products and have just stuck to a proven route to keep releasing there only Animation. Which was never really their's and try to add more special features to each release hoping that the same people who brought it would buy it again for this extra info. They should of Gone the Blu-ray route for this release as there is only so many times that people will buy the same show again and again. You need a real reason. And with Funanimation in the States pulling our of marketing the product is not a good sign. as in Austrailia Madman have taken Robotech off there listing as well. Saying that it is off there product list because these companies aren't doing that well is a bogus claim. I just think it is simple business decision. They are here to make money. Why keep producing a product that is not selling. And these places are not closing down. As from what I have seen they are adding more titles. and RT seems to be the only one that is being dumped. that's my 2 cents worth for now
  12. Hey maybe RSC is supposed to be like Gundam Age that takes place over 3 generations. Where Gundam Age is fictional. With RSC to make it more beliveable as it will actually take 3 real generations for the story to be complete. A nice thought to know that your grand children will be the ones to know how it ends......lol
  13. But redone Anime is HG style. The older the better. And they have to say that it was done better then the original creators. I still think HG is a tax write off. They never produce anything and probably have record lack of profits. and the LAM is a dream, which we know will never be........
  14. Has anyone had trouble with getting there's from yesasia? mine has been in the post for 3 weeks.
  15. I have recently start to draw in 3D myself in CAD and I mainly draw in solids when I can. Might I ask what file type you use? But your work looks impressive and the fact that you have a 3D printer is cool.
  16. Been a while since I put anything up, and have been busy, but this is how far I am with my VF-0S not long till hopefully done. I know that I have screwed up a bit, and not up to the level of the other guys here. But it is the first build I have done in about 2 years, and it is like learning all over again
  17. Hey Atermalis. I was just wondering are you one of the type of RT fans that says Macross and all it series ripped of RT? Just that what you are writing comes off as a RT fan. You know the oximorn concept. That the series that it so called is (Macross) ripping it's ideas off itself from other shows (Robotech which has no actual orginality at all). including names and designs which ripped off the series that you say is ripping it off (I have go on about this in the past)? And as for Macross plus ripping off RT the sentinels. Have you actually watched Megazone 23? As for your writing it does sound like that you are trying to make you opinion fact. Regardless of how you say that you are writing it to actually be. That is how it is comming off as. You sort of come in here firing cannons trying I guess to get everyone to see you point of view as the way it is. And failing at that big time. Mybe you should read some of the older posts from the past and find out what this topic is about. If you have come in here to call different shows rubbish. Maybe you should go the correct forum to voice your opinion that my 2 cents worth
  18. I broke down and ordered it. I admit I like this more then the VF-19. Shame a about the price. either hope it will become a peg warmer of Yamoto has a big sale on.
  19. These are for the Robotech fan with more money then sense. I found these at the Toy World in the Brisbane (AU) city store. Nice prices. I think they have been there for over 6+ months.
  20. I can't wait for the new release. I still like the old one's to. AM not selling mine. But honestly I am also awaiting the amount of people that are going to pick at this one and show all the flaws with it. Saving that this doesn't match the line art or this joint is lose. The amount of people already picking at it before it hasn't even really been relased is crazy. All I can say is that if you can provide a better engineered and designed toy. That matches the line art, is nearly indestructable, unscratchable. Can deal with any ware and tare. And is affordable, and has great box art. Go for it, and then I would say you have the right to whinge. Thants my 2 cents worth
  21. I just wonder, how many times can you re-master the same series. especially one that has had slow or non existant sales. and it is only the same people buying in. I mean they would of been better releasing it in Blu-Ray, and even then the sales would be low. Can only flog a horse for so long before it tires and dies........ Also that poster. Has ALTO from MF the whole way. so much for Tommy Yunes creative ability. Probably thinking no-one will pick up on it.... No wonder they only go to the panels for there new info. It wouldn't even register on-line. And even only to people that are hanging on to it. Which I have to assume must be sick of nothing ever coming out ot Tommy Yunes house of Ideas. Oh well another try to stop the slow trajectory to non-existance....
  22. I actually though the LAM was just a myth to keep what is left of the fanbase interested in RT - put it out there and get people excited. ANd bang nothing happens. But still talk about it.. And as stated before, they will produce nothing. And the new product will be re-pakaged stock to make it look new. (I know that they did for the RT DVD collections in AU) With some more stuff no one was really interested. Who knows, maybe a DVD reelase of all there convention tours in one pack to show how a Anime company works...... ANd I agree with a comment said before how RT is such a small market, sure heaps of guy's in there 30's remember it when it came out. I did. It was different then the usualy Cartoons we used to get. But most people have moved on. Heck no one really rememebered until the DVD releases came out in the 90's. And even then it was more for nostalga then anything else. I know I did. But the way HG has done the no marketing strategy to get people interested, and not use the internet and other modern mediums to get there stuff out sort fo shows that they have nothing to really push. And the LAM will not happen as there is not a push by WB. As it is such a small fanbase that know of it. ANd was forgotten for so many years. Only way it can survive is if it someone else takes control of it. It worked for Voltron and Thundercats (mind you I have not seen either of these new versions) And revamp it and start it as new. As they ahve done for Transformers and G.I. Joe and others. Back to work.....
  23. Maybe it's the only way to get rid of old stock. Take it back and re-package in the older ones that didn't sell and then add a new disc with even more rehashed stuff. ANd presto new product. Sad really. As for any new stuff. I will trully believe it when it is ever released. These convention tours must be getting old quick. And must be slowly getting rid of fans that still follow. (People do get sick of hearing the same thing again and again) Only way for them to survive is to really create new "NEW" stuff. Not ripped off or reworks stuff. All their's. But we know that will never happen. I hate to break it to them the 80's are over. And in other riverting news. I got my self another Hard drive to save all my important stuff....lol
  24. From the looks of the Trailer. It is only meant for the Fans Boys. Only people that have seen RT will understand the concept of the story. From the trailer. No new mecha or character designs. No new story to the fans. ANd the continual use of Mosepeda designs as they are the only designs they can use. And it saves them having to be creative. And the story is sort of locked as the RT story goes as the protoculture shappings show (just had to put that one in..lol) That there orginal story was supposed to end at the 85 episode mark. And there was no though of continuing it at the creation of the RT saga when it was completed. Only the end of the circle novel. Which made out that they were just continuing a circle. ANd will not have the draw card to bring new fans into the fold like they hope. As it has been stated the kids these days don't want to watch anime 20+ years old. And the release date will most likely be 6-12 months after promised in a Blu-ray/DVD Pack. With extra's that only the fan boys will be interested in... So the magic question will they consider it a success? And it will probably be there sale in China that they are counting on to make the money. That's my 2 cents worth
  25. Just ordered 2 today, looks good
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