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  1. Those pics are really tempting.
  2. Was fuel even a problem after Macross Zero? I assume FAST packs are just purely munitions?
  3. I always thought the leg panel pushed out the fast pack panel too, but the missile was stored inside the leg. One thing I didn't like so much about the old YF-19 was the vertical stabilizers on the top and bottom were kind of smallish to accomodate battroid mode. Are they confirmed to be larger now, or the same?
  4. Whoa. Missiles in the legs? You mean like these? http://i.imgur.com/JjGdhT4.jpg I do like the tons of munitions, but I kind of liked the clean smooth underwing... If they'd allow swappable wings, it'd be perfect.
  5. Wow, I haven't been back here in a long time, but I was a big fan of the YF-19, so this is a nice surprise. I skimmed through what I could of 70 pages of this thread, but mostly, this new revision boasts a bulkier and more posable battroid right? Seems like the fittings are tighter, and it doesn't have that stupid inverted belly plate in fighter mode. And the wings can be pulled back for high-speed mode! What else am I missing? Also, is the canopy supposed to be tinted on the final version, or are they just doing that because they haven't finished cockpit details? I luckily have a rather tight fitting 1/60 yammy yf-19 which I really like the fighter mode of, so I'm wondering if this will be worth the plunge.
  6. Upper body looks great; like a tank. Curious to see how posable it is.
  7. The wings extend to the thighs in the CAD. Hoping for battroid-specific parts/covers.
  8. I understand that completely, but I was hoping they'd take a battroid-centric approach to it, like they did with the VF-19, and make compromises to the fighter mode to have fatter legs. The 17 was better known for its foreboding tank-like quality.
  9. Was always too short on the DX anyway. Much better like this.
  10. If the CAD art in the background is anything to go by, it looks like the lower legs and thighs are going to be rather skinny. In fact, the VF-19 legs seem a lot fatter. Too early to say though.
  11. In the future, harpoon guns are the weapon of choice. Especially for hunting those pesky interstellar hyperspace bug-whales.
  12. Im hoping for a matte texture this time... But I think that's unreasonable for Bandai. I do hope we wont have to wait another 5 months before we see the armored variant released.
  13. Not too concerned with the number of gimmicks in the legs, provided they get the battroid beefiness right. That model posted was a nice try, but the legs are far too small in battroid.
  14. o_o. Looking at the transformation sequence, does the canopy have to be opened to transform to battroid? I know that the toy doesn't have to mimic the show's anime-magic transformation, but I chuckle at the idea of Basara being thrown into space when transforming =P
  15. I think collapsing shins are cool, but going to create more problems down the road, especially for the retracting ankle joints. They've done PT/Anime accurate parts and it's worked brilliantly. Just hope it doesn't involve further price gouging.
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