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Calibre Wings 1/72 Elevator Diorama Display Set

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37 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

Maybe get the other stand with sounds, lights and motion....:rolleyes:

sure, if and when it gets release for less expensive. ^_^

my price perception for a display stand is not the same as a Valk.B))

maybe when it gets on sale. 

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It's cool but it just a high-tech display for 1 model.  I wonder how much a non-electric hand crank version would cost?  At $170 I just think that money could be used instead on just buying another Valkyrie.

On the other hand I do think it would make a great gift choice for your friends and family who knows that you collect model/toy planes but don't know which plane to get you.  It's a safe but impressive gift to give to a collectors that you know.   

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I'm trying to decide what they're advertising that it fits 1:60 MACROSS toys means in the greater sense, especially after the their Macross-Zero F-14 slap down from BW.  Are they thumbing their nose at BW or HG?

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