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  1. There is a tiny tab on the front of the canopy which helps it to "click" in place. However, in a very small percentage of time, this tab may cause the canopy from closing. As such, the bit removal of this tab will allow the canopy to close. On a side note I am disappointed that there are still people in our community who are unreasonable and to a point despicable. It is ok to cost me the value of 1 model, i.e. some 150 US dollars to find out the character of 1 person.
  2. Your Macross Zero F-14 was totally crushed ?
  3. Did you by any chance just posted a video of it on YouTube?
  4. Which model exactly? The earlier models do have some fitting issues but can be solved with some glue. But surely engine nozzles are not loose by any means. If you reference a 1/72 model similar, you will see that no other maker allows for such interchangeable parts. Exactly because it will lead to parts "falling off" from a joint that is not permanent. The fact that we are keeping to scale as much as we can does not allow for too much material at the joints.
  5. Thank you Chris ! Let's keep in touch. Haven't communicated after we last spoke on email on a "project".
  6. Please follow the instructions to insert the metal pitot tube
  7. 2-3 months was during "high CoVid season" which was March, April, May. Items shipped by China post during these months took 2-3 months to reach the West. Now, it is back to 2 weeks
  8. Thank you. We were also apprehensive about the final effects, but we put effort to make sure it is respectable. But don't take it from me, perhaps those who get it can review and testify on the finishing.
  9. Thank you for sharing my video guys.
  10. For those who have ordered, I will be shipping out after 18 Dec.
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