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  1. considering the size, this could stand in for a christmas tree. GF: you bought a toy again?! me: no, i got us a tree! i'm still not sold on the overly bumpy surface details. but we'll see, maybe when local sources have it in hand, i might cave.
  2. Major Focker

    Macross figures

  3. this would be my dream storage system: if i don't chance upon one from a shuttered office, i'll probably do something similar to what Grey suggested. put floor to ceiling wood panels on the short side of rolling shelves. slot them side by side into a big alcove. pull one out like a pantry shelf when accessing. it should look similar to the picture above, but instead of moving the shelves apart, you pull them out one at a time.
  4. yup, quite small. the Legioss will probably same size as a 1/350 F-14. just the Legioss in 1/144 might be similarly sized as the 1/350 Legioss+Tread combined shown in the first post. i'm hoping to put together an airshow diorama in 144 scale. security will be handled by patrolling VF-1 and crowd control by 144 Patlabor Ingrams i found in WonFes a few years ago.
  5. now you guys got me thinking pink, i would probably buy it just because it stands out in a sea of blacks and primary colors on the shelf. i like having some oddballs in my collection -- like the Mazinger Hello Kitty.
  6. it's comforting to know i'm not the only one shocked/perplexed by the asking price for this Gundam. i was starting to feel like i was a second-rate collector for balking at the premium.
  7. at least not in my case. i'm mainly after the red Legioss (and hopefully Tread) because i like the head design more, and overall, the red in whatever mode screams "kick-ass". the blue is just an also-buy. i probably wouldn't buy it if the red was offered first, unless my complete-ist instincts kick in. i'm also just as likely to buy the black over the blue. i'm probably an outlier as far as purchase behavior goes, but i guess in some ways this is a reflection of how Stick just didn't, er, stick with me. not like, Hikaru/Roy/Max/Ozma/Alto did; heck, even Kakizaki and Messer.
  8. Jade (1995) David Carusso, Linda Fiorentino Scandal (1989) John Hurt, Joanne Whalley End of the Affair (1999) Ralph Fiennes, Julianne Moore
  9. not sure if this is the right place, but the metal content in this thread seems higher than most. anyway, if ever i chance upon 220k yen tucked in between my sofa cushions, there's this: https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2549010001001
  10. sorry, haven't been keeping up. so other than proxy, no one's put up a PO for the PF? even NY?
  11. that's just the assembled figure, which is advertised at being almost 36 cm tall. for comparison, the similarly sized DX Combattler had box dimensions of 46.6cm x 42.4cm x 32.5cm / 6440g but since this V5 includes a Big Falcon display base, it's likely going to be a longer box, closer to what sqidd mentioned for the Mazinger, which also had a big display unit.
  12. lol, your enthusiasm is contagious! in my case, the Horizont brings up fond memories of the X-Bomber. it's the neck and head i guess
  13. sorry cap, i already have 2 of the previous version, so likely pass for me. i would be interested to get a bunch of the fighters and treads though. i'm hoping what you're hinting at for the next project is the Horizont. you can pre-list me for one in 1/144, or two if 1/350. the 1/350 Monster is also on my want list. it seems the previous attempt on it fizzled out. the masters looked very good. a shame that it seems to have been lost. back to mospeada, does anyone know if the legioss and/or tread were ever kitted in 144?
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