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  1. Is this the same as the first set? or a reissue?
  2. Still looking for a reasonable price.
  3. Looking to buy one of these Kidslogic 1/6 Scale . Please let me know. Thanks PM or email me at findmarlon@yahoo.com
  4. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting this cool cockpit but don't want to spend too much for it. My question is Is the Speaker/bluetooth version really worth that much? Or more of a gimmic? Is the reissue the same exact as the original release? Whats your thoughts and opinion about the two version? Also whats a good cockpit to collect VF1J Or VF1S? Also I like the fact it came with an extra Skull Canopy with the reissues. Any thoughts Thanks
  5. Still looking if anyone selling theirs here in the US. Thanks
  6. Is this still for sale? I'm interested. Email findmarlon@yahoo.com 3
  7. Really I didn't realize that which one are you talkin about
  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy one of these. (Macross 1/6 cockpit). Is there anyone selling theirs here in the US? Pm or email me: findmarlon@yahoo.com
  9. Still looking for one. Let me know if anyone is selling theirs. pm or email: findmarlon@yahoo.com Thanks
  10. Hello guys Anyone here in the US is selling the new released Macross DX VF-1J Chogokin Hikaru Ichijo. Thank You
  11. Looking for more of the original macross But anything 1/48 scale I'd like to see what u guys are selling.
  12. Im looking for VF . Thanks
  13. Looking for 1/48 Macross. Thanks
  14. Thanks. I saw that but I message him a few time no answer, I guess he doesn't come aorund here too often.
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