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VF-1J “S-FAST PACK” Config. Ver. 1.1 W-St. – 1/72 HASEGAWA MODEL KIT


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Dear friends,

I have completed another important step of my VF-1 works: the weathering with oil colors. As usual, I used the oil colors in order to accentuate each particular of the model. The oil colors must be used well diluted and applied only where is necessary. Thanks to the previous clear coating, an excess of color can be easily deleted using a clean brush wet of thinner.








As usual, you can find more information and pictures on my Blog at the following link:


At last, the end of this model is not very far now!

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Let me say thanks so much to everybody!

I’m doing my best in order to finish this model as soon as possible. I hope to show you it within few days.

Of course I’m talking about the VF-1 only. I’m going also to do a little diorama but for that I will need another month at least.

Grunt, thank you very much for visiting my blog!

Yes, the pterosaurus head was a very hard work that I loved to do. J

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They look like the Regult kill markings that come in the decal set with the Studio Forge pilots (which I believe you have en route to you!):


Not enroute... inhand! Thats what I was wondering, if they were the same ones

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Dear friends,

after a too long waiting from your part, I finished my model of VF-1 fighter. After two years of works, I can say to be very proud of the results. I like very much this kit, its colors and its details. In this model, I make my best and I hope you like it too. Obviously, any comment is much appreciated and, for your information, I’m now making a little diorama for this VF-1.







As usual, you can find more information and pictures on my Blog at the following link:


Many thanks!

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That looks fantastic! The paint and weathering looks perfect, and the wing-mounted booster look great (and it appears to have worked out just right so they're not touch the ground). The only suggestion I would have is to add some addtional "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tags to the reaction missiles since you have some forward on the fuselage. Congratulations on finish this incredible project!

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That is such great stuff! Never saw that before, but I loved it at first sight! May have to try something like that. Even gave me an idea of adding super packs to my next ES-11D!

Nice and thanks for showing!

Although, do you have any pics of the rear? That must look incredible from the back!

Edited by Thom
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Absolutely gorgeous work Andrea!

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Let me say thank you so much to everybody!

I'm very happy to read your appreciations of my work.

I hope you’ll like also the little diorama where I’ll place this VF-1.

Thom, you can find some other pictures (from the rear too) in my blog.

Grunt, I prefere not to modify the model at this stage. Thank you for your suggestion that I’ll apply in my future models.

Thanks, thanks, thanks again! :)

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Dear friends,

after more than two years of works, I finished my VF-1J “S-FAST PACK model and the related diorama. I hope you like it and the final result is able to show my great passion for the “Macross” animated series.






As usual, you can find more information and pictures on my Blog at the following link:


You can see the diorama construction here:


Let me say thank you to everyone who have followed me until now.

Edited by Andrea
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