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  1. I have one in a box here somewhere too
  2. cut and reposition that launch bar on the nose gear and hook it up to the shuttle
  3. I have a ton of kits to pass on like Gimix VF31As etc and want to know what they are roughly worth.
  4. try conductive paint, paint the booster tops with it, have the power then supplied via the magnets on the arm to the boosters and do away with external cables
  5. if thats the moscato kit, the canopies came with the molding plugs so you should be able to make some from that. If you dont have them all the rest of us that have that kit will have them
  6. OK question on the vernier nozzles on our fighters... is the reaction mass that they eject hot or cold? Working on a VF4 and was black jet exhaust shading round the bits I thought needed it then look another look and thought... what if its not a flammable propellant mix??
  7. Painted this horrible little Robotech Tactics Tomahawk figure up last night. 1. Base coated in Alclad II Black then Magnesium. 2. First colour layer, Citadel Tallarn Sand. Molotow Chrome on the visor, search light, leg drive lights and sensors. 3. First wash, Citadel Agrax Earthshade, 2nd wash Tamiya Black Panel Liner. Citadel Dryad Bark on the missile doors. 4. First dry brush of Tallarn Sand. 2nd of Citadel Karak Stone. Dry brush of Citadel Mournfang Brown on the missile doors. 5. Tamiya Clear Green over the visor. 6. Tamiya Clear Red over the sensors. 7. Decals applied. Better than it was thats for sure!
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