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  1. Great shading on this. Love the colours. One of my fav Valkyries.
  2. Very impressive stuff. Printing models at home or via some service is Im sure the way of the future for the hobby. Looks really good. cant wait.
  3. Side/rear thrusters on.
  4. Ok Ive started back on the Super Lancer. Two shots here, one showing the relative long and skinny profile of the Lancer compared to the Ostrich, and a nasty mold defect on the nose which will need patching up. Part fit isnt bad. There is a lot of cleanup required though. The resin is that soapy, plasticee resin which is a bitch to glue even with good quality super glue.
  5. Wow great mods. I wish I had picked up one of these. I have the tactical pod which Ive always thought was a cool toy.
  6. So Ive begun the Lancer build. Im still cleaning up the two main body halves but thought it interesting to compare sizes. Here it is next to a VT-1 Ostrich cockpit module. It really is a small vehicle without those big guns on the front.
  7. Ive built my fair share of resin and injection kits. Given a choice I'll always go injection simply because of the fit and minimal cleanup time. Having said that Hexamodels did resin kits that were next level. They were a work of art.
  8. Surprisingly they are straight.
  9. Parts breakdown for the Lancer and instructions
  10. Here are the final photos of the finished Commanchero.
  11. Photos in the gallery. I think I stuffed that up as I didnt know how to create a separate album but they are there.
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