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Bandai DX YF-29 Ozma Lee Coloring

Kanedas Bike

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Guest davidwhangchoi

Why standard release and more money? Bc bandai wants to stir up another frenzy. Thats how they hooked us the first round. Everyone panic and slam a keyboard after missing a pre order:)

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Disappointed by the news of a standard release too, and certainly not looking forward to missing any sleep or going thru midnight pre-order madness (especially since I'd rather go thru that nonsense for a reissue 25S). Oh well, such is life for a Macross toy collector.

With the better pictures I've gone from "meh" to really digging the head sculpt - especially the visor.


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@sreichma.. check the recent thread about NY.. preorder shipping is more expensive comparatively to other sites like Amiami and HLJ. I'll heed the advice and go elsewhere unless I'm out of options.

EDIT.. Oh yeah thanks!

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Well...Monday night starting around 11pm for us left-coast boys. That's when we see Ami-ami put there's up and everyone else follows suit.

...then we all bitch and moan until the wee hours of Tuesday morn as we miss preorder window after preorder window :D

We haven't done this in awhile! It'll be like old times! :)


Edit: unless I'm off by a whole day...

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Well I can make an arbitrary macrossworld account lol. I live on the west coast and won't be sleeping that early. I'll preorder a couple if I can on this non personal account. If I don't want them I'll put the username and password up here for those who want it.

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