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  1. French Air Force Rafale B Manufactured by Dassault-Aviation
  2. My Secure link order was cancelled ... Guess I was too late to join the party ... Still need to find one ...
  3. Great ! Thank you very much !
  4. Hello Yeti Any plan to have the 0D adapter back in stock anytime soon ? Thanks !!
  5. In RC, everything can fly as long as you put a powerful engine ! Same in real life in fact, you can make an oil tanker fly as long as you have enough power !!
  6. Damn, I can't put my hand on a UCS Slave I yet !!! Soon, Soon ... Patience, I will have
  7. I don't know how many hours have been put in this project but here is the 1/60 version !!! http://blog.livedoor.jp/sigp226maid/archives/41796386.html
  8. 2nd Order because I love these Moustik747 YetiStand Alpha: 1 YetiStand XL Arm: 4 -> 6 YetiStand Dual Arm: 3 -> 4 YetiStand Elbow: 2 -> 4 YetiStands adapters DX Standing Adapter: 2 YA Banking Adapter: 2 YA Standing Adapter: 2 Shipping COTUS EDIT : Adjusted quantities and add adapters
  9. Except if they forgot to place a PO to Bandai !!!
  10. I offloaded my HLJ warehouse back in July, total was about 250 USD shipped via Fedex. Never paid a single fee, just the 0 USD amount bill from Fedex.
  11. One more cheer for Macette. Very easy deal and very responsive !
  12. For Moustik747 1x YetiStand Alpha Pegged 2x YetiStand Alpha with the following : 2x DX banking 2x DX standing 1x YA banking 1x YA standing Extra 1x YA standing 1x Arcadia YF-19 adapter Shipping is in Continental US Thanks again for the great work you've put in !
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