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  1. info can be found here: http://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2008/origin_valkyrie_vf1s_valkyrie_roy_focker_special
  2. Damn I'm trying to slim down my macross collection, not buy more! I need this...
  3. I'm waiting for kicker to come in here and show us his boxes! I can't even imagine what that would even look like...
  4. Sorry I may have missed this but can someone tell me which parts are diecast on this? It seems like there is a lot more plastic compared to a renewal vf-25?
  5. I have the Yamato second armor release that was sold seperate from the 1J and they do not have the numbers tampoed on the chest and shoulder. The previous owner I purchased these from had put the decals on. PS. Probably a long shot but does anyone wanna trade their Arcadia set for my Yamato? or maybe their grey visor head for a regular head lol?
  6. I'm glad the bird found a home where it can be proudly displayed and not trapped in its box inside my closet!
  7. I've been on hiatus from the mw scene for about a year but when did you move to south korea?
  8. 35 minutes later and NY pre-order is still open. I went ahead and pre-ordered with the pay later option. Hopefully I can get lucky and find one at retail price later.
  9. The Defender of the Universe is in the house!
  10. I've been using flightpose stands for about a year now. So far no issues with it taking off paint. If you're looking for some flightpose stands I have a set of two 4" stands that I'm selling for $24 shipped in US. paypal gifted.sold to VF1 here are some pics of my setup using flight pose stands. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=34339&p=1101887
  11. Just got me a Hot Toys Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee
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