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  1. If you have one for sale hit me up. Thanks
  2. Yea I didn't know exactly where to post it. It was more of an open invite to local members.
  3. Some of you may not remember me but I used to be active on these forums. I took a few years off from collecting to work on a project which I am happy to say was completed last week. I opened a retro 80's and 90's pop culture bar called Barcode which has many collectibles on display. If any fellow MW members live in Southern California or happen to be in the area, come by and check us out. We were also featured in OC Weekly last week. http://www.ocweekly.com/slideshow/fi...-grove-8198084 https://www.yelp.com/biz/barcode-garden-grove
  4. sumyumgoy! I'm glad it made it to you safely! We were all noobs once but you're on a path to being a solid member of MacrossWorld. I can vouch that this guy stays in contact with you throughout the entire transaction and pays quickly.
  5. Looking to buy one in the US. Reasonable prices please. Shoot me a message. thanks!
  6. info can be found here: http://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2008/origin_valkyrie_vf1s_valkyrie_roy_focker_special
  7. Thank you sir! Smooth transaction. +1 for Spiff!
  8. Sold to Mr. Spiff! Bandai DX YF-29 Memorial with Super Parts. Mint in box and complete. Never transformed Please add 4% for paypal fees or send payment as Friends and Family. Feedback located in my sig.
  9. I gotta say, I have been very fortunate in my time here at MW. I have bought and sold at least 60+ items on here in a quest for completing my Macross collection and everyone I've bought from or sold to has been excellent in both form and character. I have seen an influx of new members recently and wanted to share some advice I've learned through the years. 1. Watch the post counts and straight shooter list for anyone you plan to buy or sell to. They are good indicators of the person's reputation. I go even further by looking at their post history and read what they've sold, bought or posted in general in the past. 2. If you are selling something, be honest and truthful in your descriptions so that there are no surprises on the receiving end. 3. Maintain communication and respond in a timely manner with whoever you are buying or selling to. There is nothing worse then waiting for someone to respond hours or days after a deal has been started. Especially when you know that they're online. 4. Pack your items securely before shipping. When I pack an item I will always pack it the way I would expect something to be packed as if I were the recipient. I also pack for the worse because we all know how delivery services manhandle boxes. My time on Macross World has dwindle a bit as I am working on a huge project which I will share with you guys shortly but without Macross World this project would not have come to light. Thanks guys!!!
  10. Damn I'm trying to slim down my macross collection, not buy more! I need this...
  11. thanks buddy!! I updated my trade wants. I'm currently looking for retro game consoles for trade like Original Gameboy, NES and Super NES. Must be complete in box, clean and working. I prefer that the box are in good condition as these will be on display. thanks!
  12. Right back at you Saburo. One of the smoothest and fastest deals I've made on MW!
  13. I'm waiting for kicker to come in here and show us his boxes! I can't even imagine what that would even look like...
  14. Sorry I may have missed this but can someone tell me which parts are diecast on this? It seems like there is a lot more plastic compared to a renewal vf-25?
  15. +1 for arcoregon. fast payment and good comms.
  16. I have the Yamato second armor release that was sold seperate from the 1J and they do not have the numbers tampoed on the chest and shoulder. The previous owner I purchased these from had put the decals on. PS. Probably a long shot but does anyone wanna trade their Arcadia set for my Yamato? or maybe their grey visor head for a regular head lol?
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