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Bandai DX YF-29 Ozma Lee Coloring

Kanedas Bike

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I could not load the cart button on any of the releases at NY tonight when they are there. The button does not render for me lol. It's all good I only planned for 1x of these anyways. And with that good night guys and good luck to any still looking.

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They've been doing that a lot for their first batch. It's the next ones that are gonna go up in price.

From what I recall their first batch is at retail plus japan tax. Like the VF-25A first batch went for 14,700. After that they start inflating more.

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Thanks, man. I was trying to do that earlier but copy and paste is being finicky for me.

^There were a few preorders where they offered at least 10% off, I believe.

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