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  1. My last macross pre-order from BBTS was the VF-25S Ozma which they could not fulfill. Ended up having to get the Ozma at inflated prices later. My experience with BBTS is they'll keep taking ordrers / money and pushing release dates so I would not order something that requires a deposit from them.
  2. Most likely you missed it... I actually paid for mine in paypal and they refunded me when I told them it wasn't in my order list. I was too slow... changing the currency in the payment card....
  3. I just got store credit for two orders I had with them... In two separate discount codes. Anyone know if the codes can be combined to one order... Also, is ferry the only shipping option really available to US? Thanks.
  4. Just shipped my VF-1A from Anime-Export. Anyone know how to track the ECANIXXXXXX they posted? Sent a question to them but maybe someone on the board has experience with this. Thanks.
  5. Due to circumstances, I can't keep my order of VF-31C at amiami... instead of just canceling, PM me and we can work a deal so I ship to you from amiami. This will be at cost so you will need to pay me the item price first and then pay for the shipping when it arrives. (VF-31C reserved closed Thanks.
  6. Just got my extra Nintendo Switch (Grey Joycons). This was ordered as a backup to my first one just in case it was cancelled. Anyhow, instead of returning to the store...figure I'll offer it to the forum. I't's brand new / never opened, but it looks like nintendo doesn't seal the boxes anymore. Price is $335 + Shipping Cost (SOLD). That's right I am profiting an extra $5 to cover the gas and time to calculate shipping. Sorry, Paypal gift payment only as I don't want to deal with scammers. Will post a picture tomorrow as it's late. Thanks. Here's my feedback thread, it's on tfw2005: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/stormshadow0621.607279/
  7. http://www.anime-export.com/product/33376
  8. My Milia order in NY is stuck at processing payment state. I am paying by VISA. Anyone have this issue before?
  9. FYI, I just released my HLJ VF-1S pre-order. I already have the yamato versions so didn't really, really, really need this one.
  10. This sucks, NY finally told me they didn't see my additional payment for the Roy which I made 5 days ago. I knew their system was screwy.
  11. Anyone paid NY's additional shipping and still waiting for the Roy to ship? My status is still waiting for Customer to Reply which was before I paid the additional shipping charge 4 days ago. Been asking for more clarification from NY but not getting any real answer...just the generic we'll check it (that was a few days ago).
  12. I paid the extra cost to NY a couple days ago but still haven't got the shipping notice. My status is still waiting for customer reply (???). Sent them a request and they just replied they'll check on it. So their system is pretty crappy if it can't tell if you paid or not.
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