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  1. Wow this Ninnin game seems shadier the more I read this thread.
  2. Oh well now I don't feel bad about missing out then. I'll just keep my Yamatos unless they release one without all the tampo.
  3. Are those "Air intake" and other words tampo'd onto the valk? If so I've lost interest, I like my stuff plain as can be.
  4. First preorder I've tried since the Frontier days. I see it hasn't gotten any better. Didn't help I was not home for this and had to use a mobile device on a wifi connection.
  5. added new stuff. More to come
  6. Happy new year Macrossworld! Bump.
  7. It's in stock on hlj right now. Even added to my cart.
  8. Im not familiar with Patlabor, i just remember when I was buying this game it was a big price difference on whether it includes Patlabor the game. It says ver. 2.0. I dont know if its a full game or not, I didnt play it I just loaded the disc to make sure it worked and it does.
  9. added video games, 25A, price drop on VF-1S+
  10. added lots of pics. Gonna go through my Frontier stuff next.
  11. pikashoo

    Macross figures

    Did Bandai ever officially cancel the other Walkure Figuarts besides Mikumo and Freya?
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