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  1. Time to save for that re-sale of the Metal Structure And the new Astraea looks nice on that color, will look great next to the Type-X
  2. I was going from fighter to gerwalk, following the tutorial by Jenius when the lef leg just broke as soon as I tried to get it down from fighter You are right, its not a rotation point I guess it was mostly due to a faulty plastic or some over tightening of that screw since the blue part its a separete piece and shouldnt cause any strees on the part that broke
  3. Yeah I already sent them an email to see if they can help me reach out to Arcadia I think the problem was that the screw was not long enough to act as a support and since that part was hollow it just broke, I guess I can fix it myself with some Tamiya Cement and a longer screw
  4. Not exactly the premium finish, got the regular version last month from Mandarake aaaaand Left leg completely broke in two as I was trying to transform it, didnt aply extra pressure or anything as Im always extra careful with these
  5. Seeing those pictures makes me very hesitant to put my collection on the display cabinets
  6. Those leds look nice But will they fit the Metal Build Hi-Nu?
  7. Got on Liger on HLJ Didnt plan to but it does looks nice
  8. Finally got the Masamune today Damn nice figure!!
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