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  1. Too much Disney on the trailer, I had low expectations for this movie and that trailer didnt help at all
  2. I started gettin some Neca Predators but I wanted to ask you guys... I know there are bootlegs versions, is there a "known list" ? I dont wanna get one without knowing and here in Mexico its kinda hard to get some older figures from respectables stores
  3. Still waiting on HLJ to get back to me with the country update on my account I'll reply as soon as it is done
  4. Hi After some tought I decided to sell my VF-31AX, as you can see by te screenshots and pictures its on my PW on HLJ, ready to ship Selling it for $250 USD plus shipping, I know its not MSRP but I think its a good price since its brand new and will be shipped directly by HLJ Anyone interested can contact me by PM, send me the address and I will reply with the exact shipping cost from HLJ, If you are ok with it I'll give you my paypal adress for the payment and as soon as its done I will create the shipment order on HLJ straight to your address I know its not the "usual" sale method but I have made a few transactions here a few years ago without any issue I'll be happy to answer any questions or aditional info as needed Shipping to the USA only!!
  5. Speaking of NY... No official release date for the Strike Rogue yet? I have one on preorder with NY but Im holding the payment as close to the release date as I can to use my bak protection in the event NY doesnt fulfil
  6. A compatriota! That wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be, got charged for my GBP combo too but it's gonna stay on my PW for a little while
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