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  1. Really looking forward to the new S. Do you guys think that this'll be another November pre-order? Been outta the Macross loop for a while now.
  2. Color preference aside, the new D looks really, really nice as far as the actual mold goes. I'm waiting out for the new S personally, but I think the new D will look great as a display piece regardless of the color hue. I just hope the fit and finish of the new Zero line is without issue... Fingers crossed for those who preordered this valk.
  3. All kinds of awesome. Shots like these really capture the graceful murder lines of the Tornado...compared to the freight-train of death armored 25.
  4. I'm in the open and display camp myself. I keep my boxes as pristine as I can in between military postings but I only keep them for moving purposes. I couldn't care less about collector value as I'm a strong believer of the 'you only go around once' principle of life and keeping my valks locked up in boxes just flies too much in the face of that. That said, if money were no object, I would certainly love to have a backup copy of some of the rarer valks in case one of them fell off the display shelf and thundered in on the rec room floor - I'm looking at you VF-4G. Unfortunately, money is a concern so I just say screw it and display my single copy valks. Like many of you have already said, to each their own.
  5. The 30th ann 29 is a beautiful valk for sure. Skull 'n bones on the tailfins should have been a tampo no-brainer however...then again, black skull 'n bones and black SMS 030 markings on a white fuselage should have been a tampo no-brainer as well.
  6. I have to agree. The Tornado parts on the 171 (minus the underslung cannons) look like a legitimate variant.
  7. Awesome pics as always Saburo. The blue on Michael's Tornado really pops.
  8. Love that black 27! Looks like an angry SR-71.
  9. Vf-2SS SAP Special. I think Arcadia could do an awesome job with this Valk.
  10. Wow...these are really cool 29 battroid pics. I really like the group effect.
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