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My card just got charged for my game yesterday, hope that means that they will have enough copies to satisfy the pre-orders.

Where did you pre-order from? I have two actually. A normal edition from Play-Asia and a Limited Edition from AmiAmi. I don't think I've gotten charged for anything yet...

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It's an Armored Core back weapon :3

If anything, it reminds me of a sideways WHEELING-03 from AC4A. I'm liking the design, though I'm questioning the need for such a launcher. Is it armed with special missiles? Does it have any other functions? I imagine it also acts as a radome similar to the RVF-25.

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reminds of the Mospeada Tread. i think it would've looked better if it split down the middle as two smaller pods and spread apart, held by two separate arms forming a v-shape. kinda like how the shoulder pods on the VF-25 are mounted.

My only regret is that now I that I can see how high it clears Battroid's head, it could have been BOTH a laser cannon AND a missile launcher. Other than that, I think its pretty awesome.

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Nice to see a VF-11 in the game play screen shots and a VF-171EX (although the VF-171EX had already been shown in the trailer).

Although the game looks gorgeous, I'm still on the fence about buying it, until I know how hard it will be for people who can't read Japanese to play. With all the quest based missions, I suspect it will be much harder to muddle through, compared to the PSP games, even with GameFAQs guides.




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