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  1. Awesome can’t wait to see it, could make a great diaroma for vf-1/vf-4
  2. Hey ChaoticYeti way earlier in this thread you were kicking around the idea for a launch arm dyrl style I am guessing,how are you doing with that? And could it fit a VF-4?
  3. I do suggest buying macross the first!!! On that note I have found chapter 3 translated in English at www.mangayes.com. But please buy macross the first. First!!!
  4. I hope so to cause I was waiting on some rereleases.
  5. Such beautiful customs I hope Yamato 1 pays attention and 2 is very very proud of this!!
  6. Any you going to place the blue strips on or just leave them off?
  7. Keep it up EXO I plan on getting some some to display everything thank you!
  8. wow what a hugh weight difference!! Is the VF-17 such a monster??
  9. That sux!! Can anybody help graham he wanted to know which weighs more VF-17 or VF-4?
  10. Has Yamato given out their sale totals yet or do they do that I would love to know how many they sold/made of this valk?
  11. I feel sorry for all thoughs who are having shipping troubles but I swear once you have this VF-4 in your hands it will be well worth it.
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