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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to start a proper thread for this. I put up adapters for Gundam stands that can hold up Yamato valks. Here's some images that CoreyD posted on http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=37622'>his thread. Heres' the link for them: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/exodigital'>http://www.shapeways...hops/exodigital And here's the HLJ link to the stands: http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?Word=gundam+stands&DisplayMode=images&Dis=2&Sort=std&qid=IHYE32P2QUVS4Q&set=1&q=1&MacroType2=displaybse'>http://www.hlj.com/s...ype2=displaybse It's an inexpensive solution for your display needs. Thanks! I've uploaded the adapters that removes the need for the hinge. It makes for a more sturdier stand and can actually hold a 1/48 with Fast Packs. I had to create ones with angles that bank because removing the hinge means less pose-ability There should be enough variety to suit your needs. I've also renamed the product so the number of different ones won't be confusing. B2Y - Bandai to Yamato B2Y classic - the original ones that people have been purchasing that goes on the hinged part of the stand. Allows more pose-ability but won't hold heavier valks B2Y unhinged - comes in three varieties: level, Starboard (banking) and Port (banking) I've also bundled them up in different sorts for price breaks.
  2. There's meant to be a Black Friday type sale on at HLJ, according an email I got from them earlier this week. The sale starts at 10AM JST - which by my reckoning, is right now. I see nothing so far so perhaps the sales site isn't live yet? Updates as soon as I see anything... 10:45 JST: Still nothing. I must be missing something here...
  3. Prices include shipping to lower 48 states (continental USA buyers only please) unless otherwise noted. As with past sales threads, there will be periodic updates! As always with my sales, payment is by paypal only, please add 4% or send as gift. Thanks. Arcadia - -1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-1J 30th anniversary (tenjin designed deco) . MIB. never displayed. just opened once to inspect and check out the simple stand. $75 plus actual shipping sold Yamato 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0S Complete - Has been transformed twice. Was displayed behind glass for a year. Has been sitting in original box since. Shoulders are all good. Condition is very very good overall but I did have to repair part of the foot assembly that came unglued (yes it was glued) years ago. $130 SOLD 1/60 Perfect Transformation Unbuilt/ Unpainted assembly kit VF-1A NEW IN BOX = $120 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0A (unknown soldier version) - MIB condition. Never transformed. Taken out of original box only for a 30 minute photo session. $135 SOLD Bandai Renewal VF-25F DX Chogokin Alto MISB = $155 SOLD DX Chogokin YF-29 Isamu Super parts = $40 SOLD DX Chogokin YF-29 Isamu Version MISB = $175 sold
  4. FOR SALE: Three Takatoku soft-vinyl Macross figures, 1983 vintage. All clean, excellent examples, in beautiful bright condition. Sale as a lot only. $45 USD for the trio, plus shipping costs. (I also have a few pieces of the cardboard packaging associated with them that I'll throw in!) Please message me if interested! Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, it's my turn to put some of my babies up for sale - I'm unexpectedly moving soon and need the cash. Will put up photos over the coming days, most if not all of these are in great condition, away from sunlight and smoke-free. A little dusty perhaps but I will lovingly clean and entomb them back into their boxes with accessories and instructions. Some boxes have no shelf wear and others came damaged in the mail, as I said I will post pictures soon. All prices are in USD not including postage - I accept paypal or western union (did that once before, worked ok), please post as gift otherwise add the fee. I will calculate shipping once you send me your post code, I am in Australia so the postage may be a pain for you - but I will do the cheapest option WITH tracking. They'll be wrapped securely. Please PM with expressions of interest. Please take care of my babies ======================= Yamato; - $200 - 1/60 SV-51 Nora type, stickers and instructions intact, floppy in the usual areas. Box a little damaged, - $200 - 1/60 SV-51 CF type, stickers and instructions intact, floppy in the usual areas. This one was extra loosey goosey, was going to pull apart to customize it. Alas. - $155 (Postage + tracking included) - 1/60 VF-17S, 100% intact, some small scuffs on the upper intake in fighter - please see photos & small indentations on bottom half of piece behind modular nose - difficult to see at most angles (in battroid & invisible in fighter). 1 (small row) part of the sticker sheet removed. See photos for details. NOTE: Does not come with Super-parts.
  6. SOLD For Sale Yamato 1/15 Proto Garland Box A Item A Known as Non-Issue Release For reference: Never opened Never transformed Never displayed Kept in box in a closed cabinet Box condition A Item condition A I accept Paypal only (item+shipping fee) I can only send it via EMS due to the value of the product ***$ (O.B.O.) + EMS Shipping (To be determined according to your address) I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I can send the item all over the world except Africa, Mexico, Greece and Italy.
  7. Hello fellow MacrossWorlders! Up for sale are the following: Mac 7 vf22s gamlin (decals applied, otherwise new, not transformed) SOLD vf19p zola SOLD vf19f SOLD vf19s blazer MIB SOLD vf17s + brand new super parts MIB SOLD (un spacy kite decals were applied, otherwise new) vf17d with super pack SOLD vf11c with super pack SOLD vf19 kai + sound booster MIB SOLD Macross Frontier 171 Nightmare Plus CF + armor parts MIB (no cracks found on inspection of the NUNS triangles) $225 for the pair shipped (pending) SDF Macross: 1/60 v2 Low Vis VF1S MIB SOLD 1/60 v2 vf1a cavaliers MIB SOLD PRICES LOWERED will ship out to USA thanks! Items have only been opened for visual inspection, never transformed. Other than that, all other accessories are still factory sealed and the items/boxes are excellent condition. Looking to let this go as a complete lot to a fellow boardie, preferably local to southern California. I am on the straight shooters list and priority is given for fellow boardies local to Los Angeles/socal. I will also ship out to USA (in which case paypal payment preferrred with my verified paypal account) Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi guys! im new here but id like to get into some japan mechas now since transformers are just too much! heres my bst !feel free to shoot me a message if you see something you like. im open to trades or offers! *ALL THE PRICES ARE SHIPPING INCLUDED!* heres my tfw feedback http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/junkion-exchange-feedback/702534-ninjaslackers-feedback-2.html PICTURES CAN BE PROVIDED IF YOU MESSAGE. US Only Feel free to shoot an offer HIGH WANTS ****>Super High Ultra Want>-SOC Dancouga (needs to be 100% complete and in perfect condition with box) -Machine Wars Megatron and Megaplex -gi joe 30th zombie vipers -Revoltech Dancouga -MMC Hexatron (sixshot) -Generations 2013 Ratbat -Shattered Glass Prime with his Shattered Glass battle tanker.NO KOs. -Fp Bruticus Fall of Cybertron Wave 3!!all MISB -Offers are welcome if you want the whole lot (; -Foc Kickback-loose complete-30$ -Foc Airraid -30$ -Foc Starscream x2 -20$ each -Foc Ultra Magnus x2 -20$each -Foc SideSwipe -Only one left -20$ Arms Micron Wildrider -40$ Perfect Effect Frenzy and Rumble-80$ Classics Mirage 40$ Classics Drag Strip with bts weapons 60$ Junkion Lot! 1 Wreckgar 4Junkheaps and Botcon Sg junkions set all for 220$ Comes with some weapons! Theres still in hell of a good condition! Beast Hunter Prime with Dr Wu sword maybe if i get a good offer:D The Good stuff Tfc Hercules!!!!! With Rage set and Crazy Devy Parts! Not sure about parting with him still so testing the waters for this.(600$ or offer )shipping included Fansproject Steelcore --(170$) Fansproject Defender -Offer MECHA HULK 100$ Neca God of War Kratos 25$ MU Red Hulk 20$ MU Task master 20$ Tfc Iron army limb both for 85$ TRU Classic Mortal kombat Ninjas Revoltech Shingetter 3 25$ Revoltech Prototype Eva( yellow one) 20$ Robot Damashii Gundam Titus 50$ Robot Damashii Gundam Spallow 50$ MOTUC rare misb Castle Grey Skull Man 60$ -Acid Storm 30$ -Octane (Tankor)20$ -WFC Bumblebee 15$ -WFC Soundwave 30$ -Generations Red Alert 25$ -Generations Kup 15$ -Generations Warpath 15$ -Generations Skyshadow --(Sold) Junk part figures that id like to get ride of soon as possible. Great for custom or junks! Buy the whole dang lot for only 50$ -cybertron optimus prime leader class(missing his little gun and the tiny snap on fins and his key)35$ -Cybertron Snarl fang wolf (missing his sword and key) 7$ -Cybertron Unicron (missing his key and missle) 7$ Traded -Cybertron Mudflap (Also missing his key ) 7$ -Cybertron Longrack (missing key) 7$ -Cybertron Trex Megatron ( Missing parts and key )7$ -ramjet (no arm missles) Other tformers -DOTM Road buster -ROTF skids and mudflap -Prime wheeljack with his swords but there kinda jacked up but the figure himself is great -Beast Wars cheetor ? -Beast Machines Megatron -Transformers Crossover Hulk -Drift (missing his swords and his left panel) -TF armorhide
  9. I have a brand new 1/60 Bandai Chogokin DX VF-25G v2 (renewal version) for sale. It was procured from Nippon Yasan when it was $230 (ouch). Looking to sell @ $215 shipped (within North America). I opened the cardboard cover within the package to check the condition of the Messiah, but it's only a surface check. It's still in the original plastic wrapping and not transformed - I didn't take it out of the foam box. I'm currently not on the straight shooter's list as I rarely ever sold my Macross collection, the ones I did ended up being local sales. Feedbacks from other sites and eBay available upon request though. Will provide pictures later tonight. Note: I currently have 2 buyers in line, I will go down the list depending on who asks me first - not first pay first serve. I find that causes a lot of confusion and just morally incorrect. lol
  10. One new and factory sealed 2 CD soundtrack set, 'Macross Frontier Vocal Collection Nyantama', VTCL-60100, official Japanese import. I accidently purchased a duplicate and am offering one for sale. Price $34.99 + shipping from the Netherlands to you, PayPal payment preferred.
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