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  1. FYI Titanfall 2 is having a free trial weekend on all platforms starting today through Sunday night. Best FPS I've played in years and I play them all. The mech on mech combat mode Last Titan Standing is top notch.
  2. Honestly I think it's time to make a Macross series (dare I say) void of idols. Something gritty and war-torn like Gundam Thunderbolt. I mean they could still tie-in the music aspect of things subtly like having the main character listen to their favorite music in combat (Shaorn Apple or something) like how the protagonist listened to jazz in Thunderbolt. I mean I understand the market for idols in Japan but seriously...give Valkyries the series they deserve. Make Macross Great Again.
  3. At least we have Ace Combat 7 to look forward to. For use with Playstation VR as well!
  4. Super excited about a new series. Not-so-excited about the art style of the characters. They look like five-year-olds...Mobile Police K-On!
  5. Hmm. So as somebody who unconditionally loves all things Valkyrie, but has zero interest in all the singing & idol nonsense...I wonder if this game will be worth picking up?
  6. Google still shows the flight in route too
  7. Indeed, similar to the Have Blue demonstrator being much smaller than the production F-117
  8. VFX Competition - Grumman Model 303 variants
  9. Urban camo has really advanced over the years...
  10. Saw this F-22 evolution on tumblr today. A few designs I had never seen before:
  11. Interesting. I'll have to ask for clarification on this next time I talk with the client. Thanks.
  12. The bid is going through an installer called The Wrap Factory who was approached by the company putting the aircraft back into service. They do large scale vehicle wraps but don't have the right printer to qualify for the FAA requirements. We have a VuTek QS2000 which qualifies, and we are only a few miles away so they came to us quote the job of printing the vinyl for them. They weren't allowed to mention the company or show us the artwork, we could only talk pricing and time frame at this point. I seriously doubt its a lease situation as he said they are re-doing the interior on the aircraft as well. Not to mention that by law these planes have to be stripped and repainted before the new artwork can be applied. That's an awful lot of time and money for some lease aircraft.
  13. Right? That was my reaction. This job (if we get it) will take almost two years to complete.
  14. Being in the printing business I've often wondered if these are in fact paint jobs or if they're vinyl wraps. Does anybody know? The gloss finish looks like vinyl over-laminate, which would be necessary to preserve those colors. *Side note: we recently were approached my a local company that apparently just purchased and re-vamped a small fleet (~100) 747's and they want us to produce the graphics for the aircraft. The amount of rules and stipulations the FAA has in regards to producing graphics for these planes are crazy. We would have to completely flush all the existing inks out of our printers (a $2,500 job + the cost of the existing ink), have someone from 3M personally verify the flush, use a very specific (pronounced "expensive") ink and there is only one type of vinyl that is allowed.
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