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YF-29: 30 Anniversary Version "VF-1S Scheme"


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If this were an Ozma variant with some made up "back story", as in VF-1S Low Vis., it'd make some sense, but i don't get this VF-1S scheme. I will usually buy anything - lol - but i'm not sure about this one. A VF-171 in teal would have been a much easier decision.

Also, knowing how long the nose can look from up close - or at least it looks long to me - i think the dark paint will help it a lot in fooling the eye.

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Love it! Why will this one be so hard to get? Thought it was a Tamshii exclusive which seems to be easier to get than standard releases these days.


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A classic inspired yet very unique scheme. Not the prettiest Valk, but definately cool. A great way to celebrate the 30th.

And i hope all you that are hating will NOT by buying this so the pre-orders will last at least 30 seconds longer then the last few releases = more for us.

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