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  1. That jacket is what we used to refer to in the military as a "BCG" Birth Control Jacket. Meaning that there is no way you will EVER kiss a girl while wearing it. That said, it's on par price wise with some of the Gundam clothing they have at the Gundam Base in Tokyo. $300 plus for a red flight jacket with a Zeon patch on it etc.
  2. If you'll be in or near Washington DC, August 10-12. Kawamori-san has just been announced as a guest at Otakon 2018
  3. As the title says, I'll be heading to Japan in March for about 9 days and while I'll be busy for most of that time, I plan to use any free time I have to check out the sights. I'll be in Tokyo and want to know what Macross stuff there is to see. I already plan to check out the Odaiba Gundam, the Ghibli Museum, and hopefully Tokyo Disneyland. Are there any Macross displays or museums still running? Suggestions are welcome.
  4. I hope this actually becomes a thing. As soon as it's up for preorder, I'm grabbing one.
  5. I like the design, in a lot of ways it looks like a more organic evolution of the VF1 than any of the designs that came after SDFM. The toy just looks......cheap. And it's not cheap....but it looks......cheap.
  6. Holy crap. If I only had the time....the patience....the skill....
  7. Got mine today. Really like it, lots of intricate detail, like the moving rudders. Very complicated. I can say with 100% certainty that I will NEVER transform this wee beastie.
  8. My thoughts exactly. The Arcadia looks spot-on to the anime chunky battroid lineart. The Bandai looks more streamlined overall. I'm happy with it. I see the VF-19 Advance as the culmination of the YF-19 and Isamu's character. He's totally the type of guy to get sick of the military BS and go mercenary....and that's what he did apparently.
  9. Looks badass. Can't wait to get mine!
  10. It's funny, but something about the Bandai DX stance reminds me of the original Yamato 1/72.
  11. Actually looks like the Bandai is a bit bigger than the Arcadia. The head on the Bandai comes up level to the top of the shoulder on the Yamato. Could be a perspective thing.
  12. I got the following notice from YesAsia this morning. Knew that already, but nice to see they're tracking on it. Can't wait to get this sucker in hand!
  13. Oh, just 60 watt jobbies. I'm no photographer by any stretch. That was a 5 second shot with my iPhone.
  14. Some $25.00 Target special that I stole from my kid. One of those deals with 5 little flexible arms. Only two bulbs on.
  15. Man, good call on that Tamashii Nations stand. For $20 odd bucks it's a bullseye stand for the VF-0D.
  16. Agreed. This is the same argument that drove me away from the RPF. It usually goes something like this. Fan makes a model, unlicensed. Fan makes a kit from his model, unlicensed. Fan sells garage kit, unauthorized. Garage kit gets bought and recast. Fan finds out and spends an inordinate amount of time telling the world that someone stole his artwork or his IP. Bottom line - Unless Big West authorized you to make and sell that kit, you're no better than the recaster who stole your work. I realize that this is a part of fandom. Companies may never get around to making that model of X that we all so desire. So, we make it ourselves, and we decide to make copies of it available to other fans. Where the unbridled and (quite frankly) unforgivable hypocrisy comes in is when people start screaming that they've been wronged when someone steals the thing they were never authorized to sell in the first place. You may have made a beautiful model, but the minute you dropped it in silicone and started selling casts of it, you violated the IP rights of the company that owns the original designs. It's really just that simple, so get over yourself.
  17. I really like the SV51 in the anime, but for me the giant square intakes on the toy ruined the whole look. Maybe Arcadia will do better.
  18. Nice! Was wondering that myself. And....ordered.
  19. Slightly separate note, but having the VF-0D prompted me to rewatch the series and wow had I forgotten what a total piece of crap the ending of that series was. It brought back all the feelings of WTF that I had managed to suppress over the last 10 years. Anyway, the toy is cool!
  20. Point made guys. Move along or take it to PM.
  21. That's great....IF you have a 19. I don't so....
  22. So I just dug out some missiles from my 1/60v2 VF-1's and they do not fit. The pegs on those are 2.2mm while the pegs on the 0D missile pods are 1.9mm. Way to go Arcadia. When are you releasing the $100.00 extra weapons pack.....
  23. Nope...this one...also found on the internetz.
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