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  1. Updated, and positive notes left for all buyers on the Mw SSL. One item left for sale.
  2. Excellent transactions with the following dudes: pikashoo Gakken85 Chronocidal rye23 tao bravo5 Benson13 jennety_ Murphy anubis20 KiriK
  3. Original post updated. New items added. Some prices reduced. Whatever doesn't sell will go to Ebay.
  4. PMs responded to. Original post modified. Ah, the good old days. Yeah, I'm gonna miss them! I'm just glad these puppies are gonna go to good homes. The reason why I'm letting go of my collection is a couple things: 1) No space. Ever since the baby was born, I lost my toy room, so everything has been sitting in storage. 2) Original plan was to sell the condo in five years and upgrade into a much bigger place. Well, we're going on the forth year and the housing market is down, so I realize I probably have to live here for another 2-4 years depending on the market. So that means no one enjoys them for that long. I firmly believe toys should be enjoyed and not boxed away in storage. So if I can't enjoy them, someone else should. I thought long and hard about this; I barely slept last night after I posted this, haha. But I decided that a) Yamato is gone. b) I was tired of Bandai's BS. And c) I could use some of that money towards my kid's future education. So yeah, the money is going to be put to good use, and I will be happy knowing my collection went to good homes where they will be appreciated. That's why I'm only trying to recoup my costs as much as I can and not trying to rip people off. Don't worry though: I will be keeping the DYRL and TV valks and of course I will be keeping my SDF-1. You'd have to rip that out of my cold dead hands!!! Over the past couple months, I have been liquidating everything. Most of my Transformers, all my loose GI Joes, most of my Revoltech - lots of stuff. Macross was the last hump for me, as it probably closest to my heart.
  5. EDIT: Wednesday June 12th. 8:45 pm. - So I have mailed out everything and left positive notes for all buyers on the Mw SSL. The VF-19 Kai and boosters are on hold now. The only thing remaining is the VF-171 renewal. Price dropped, as I want to get rid of it. Hit me up if you want it and we can work something out! I MIGHT put up some other pieces for sale in the near future. Not sure. I'll have to go through them. Please check back on this thread in the coming weeks. Selling the remainder of my collection (so sad to see everything go, but it's time to move on!) All shipping prices are just for US and Canada only. If you live outside of those two countries, you will have to PM me for quote. Bandai valks: All in good condition, complete, minus the boxes. Joints may or may not be loose. ALL Bandai valks inevitably get loose joints, so this is something that is unavoidable. Renewal VF-171 - $160 + $22 (The pins are solid - nothing falls out) Yamato valks: All in good condition, complete, minus boxes. VF-19 Fire Valk - $140 + $30 shipping - HOLD. Sound boosters - $50 + $20 shipping - HOLD. SOLD ITEMS: Renewal VF-25F - $170 + $30 shipping. (minor paint scratches in a couple places but otherwise in good condition). - SOLD Renewal VF-25F Super Parts - $75 + $20 shipping. - SOLD Renewal VF-25S - $170 + $30 shipping. - SOLD Renewal VF-25S Armour Parts - $100 + 20 to ship - SOLD Renewal VF-25G - $165 + $30 shipping. - SOLD Version 1 VF-27 - $100 + $30 shipping. - SOLD. Bandai Ex-Gear Alto - $20 + $15 to ship. (the stand is broken). - SOLD. Renewal Armored Parts VF-171EXNightmare Plus - $85 + $20 - SOLD Renewal YF-29 - $190 + $30 - SOLD DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VB-6 Koenig Monster - $200+30 - SOLD YF-21 - $120 + $30 shipping. - SOLD. 1/60 Fold Booster with fast packs for YF-19 + YF-21 - $120 + $20 shipping. - Fold Booster still lights up! - SOLD VF-19S Blazer - $130 + $30 - SOLD VF-17S - $150 + $30 - SOLD 1/60 VF-11C with Super Pack - $180 + $30 shipping - SOLD 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker w/Option Part - $200 + $30 shipping. (This is still Mint in box). - SOLD I am going to apologize in advance if I don't respond to PMs in the next week. I will be busy with work and sorting through all my toys as I will be liquidating nearly everything beyond Macross as well.
  6. pud333

    DX VF-25G

    Huh. The QC on mine is the best of the renewals so far. Looks like some people got lemons. Whatever. They'll all end up with loose joints in six months anyway even if you don't touch them.
  7. pud333

    DX VF-25G

    Thanks for the kind words guys. The grappling hooks are made of plastic, and the wire is the same as the little alternate Alto you got with the VF-25F. As for the toy, I don't know about anyone else who has theirs already, but the QC on mine is awesome. No major paint problems, no bent or warped pieces, no floppy wings, all the joints are tight, but not too tight... Bandai really did a great job. I figure I have to go through the ridiculous preorder hunt at least one more time, which would be for Luca's. Maybe twice, if they do a renewal VF-27, which I really hope they do. But other than that, I think I am done for Frontier unless Bandai decides to venture into doing Klan Klang's Queadluun or something, which probably won't happen.
  8. pud333

    DX VF-25G

    The towline hooks just underneath. The money shot.
  9. pud333

    DX VF-25G

    I got an email from Anime-Export telling me the 25G was in. I told them to ship it immediately, so I should get a shipping payment request soon.
  10. Ugh. They went from ugly to... Ugly. Meh. More money for Luca's Messiah.
  11. It's actually very easy to do. The hard part is getting them on the first time. I was wary about it as well, but when I packed mine away, they came off easily.
  12. The VF-27 is my favorite design from Frontier, and may be my all time favorite valk. Here's my take: - Absolutely gorgeous fighter mode. I believe it is very comparable to the renewals. - Gerwalk is also great. Again, comparable to the renewals. - Battroid is where you see the major differences. It's just shorter and fatter than the renewals. If you are going to keep it in fighter or gerwalk, it might be worthwhile getting, but not at current eBay prices. I wish they would do a renewal 27. Maybe next year after Luca's RVF-25 comes out. I would buy two of those suckers.
  13. Yes. That is entirely way too much for a straight up repaint that's not even part of the show. Might as well wait. Patience is a virtue.
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