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  1. Here is my Yamato VF-4G for sale, I did some modification to the head and panel lined the body. $300 obo plus shipping. Please ask if you have any additional questions
  2. Bump for VF-27 with Tamashii Flight Stand
  3. added the price option for the Isamu Super Parts
  4. So I'll just leave these here...
  5. Added V1 VF-27 with Tamashii Exclusive stand
  6. Had a smooth transaction with plastik on a 1/60 VF-11B, highly recommended!!
  7. Maybe you can offer the painting in stages, primed and painted is stage 1 pricing, panel line stage 2, silver accent stage 3, clear coat stage 4, etc.
  8. Will you be offering painting services?
  9. That's the VF-0D upgrade kit from Kurisama, the same guy doing the VF-4G head kit
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