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  1. Yeah I thought it was a Max Valk, because it's blue and has the skull. Well, I've missied all the preorder. Got cartjack from Amiami, HLJ, Hobby Search, too slow to login.
  2. I've just placed my pre-ordered with CDJ as well. Thanks for the links @no3Ljm Preorder should be made this simple.
  3. Hi, Have you already sold your extra DX VF-1D yet? if not I'm interested.

  4. Roxette was the first band came to my life, I bought their cassette tapes, then later on I collect most of their CDs. This is truly a sad news for me. RIP Marie!
  5. I thought this was the new Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie. I'll rent it on DVD when released.
  6. Bandai is being a penny pincher, releasing a separate missile pack from the fast pack, I was hopping for a complete set just like Yamato.
  7. Damn, $70 bucks for regular shipping for two from NY.
  8. Thanks Jenius, this is my favorite bike, must have one, but I'm gonna try to order two.
  9. Did the preorder had already went up for this one, did I missed it?
  10. I've completely forgot about this preorder, oh well, money saved.
  11. TWE, is this mean another preorder madness and pay upfront? You got four wow! The reason I ended up order two was to make one to be 01 Arad's Valk, but not sure if I could remove the #3, I may just sell one off.
  12. Orange is the new black huh, those color scheme doesn't even match Arad's Valk. On another note, I just received my two birds from NY, it took exactly one week to arrive.
  13. I don't know where NY keep getting stocks to fulfill the orders, but I'm glad they're still doing it.
  14. Wow, NY surprise me today, my two VF-31A Kairos is "Preparation in progress". This is a great Chinese New Year!
  15. Wow, sucks to hear those who got there preordered canned, during that preorderd madness I was checking HLJ and it seems the preordered lasted a bit longer than usual. I didn't go through the process, because I wan't going to place an order with HLJ, I've already secured one from AmiAmi and another one from NY. I'll sell one once release cause I only need one.
  16. I have one from AmiAmi that I don't intend to keep, I'll keep the one from NY, how should I release this?
  17. Yes, that's why I was able to manage to nab one, this must be my lucky day cause I've never been able to secure on on preorder night.
  18. I've tried refreshing and clicking at to cart and now I managed to nab one from amiami.
  19. For me, those days are gone..gone..gone.... I'm moving as fast as a turtle slug now.
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