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  1. the statue weight around 44kg total, 28kg body, 18kg speaker.. all made from polyresin, except the canopy ..i was shocked by the canopy ...when i touch it... seriously kidslogic? my only complain is just one, the canopy was made cheap like plastic bottle, i will never buy anymore from kidslogic x Golden harmony ..they are disgusting..(bottle plastic canopy for 1230$) but hey... when you light it up... well crap.... goood gimmick indeed! well... im cool..with it.. but that canopy.. still make me mad...xD despite all..yes its the best macross statue right now... much worth it than prime1 or SDF kidslogic... more photo : i noticed that kids logic will send you hikaru 1/6 action figure seperately... on october.. due to production issues.. ok..lah 8.8/10 10/10 if not for that shitty canopy and golden harmony
  2. new looot https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.503176329756003&type=1 dont mind the riobot xD
  3. ^^^great piece of art...too bad the missile is easy to fall of..and the front wheel isnt locked hikaru?? LOTS OF DIECAST! FLASHBACK VER STICKER IS INCLUDED the sexiest vf on the planet
  4. my review : <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-XsgVtLVyZM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Just got email from yamato Preorder is open DEADLINE IS UNTIL 3 september!! Raymond Darmawan様 1/60完全変形VF-4G「超」先行予約にご登録頂きありがとうございました。 早期割引特典付きの専用本予約受付ページをご案内いたします。 (一般公開ページよりご注文されますと割引が適用されませんのでご注意ください) ◆1/60完全変形VF-4G 割引き専用本予約ページ  通常価格¥26,985  →5%引き価格 ¥25,636  →やまとファンクラブ会員様限定10%引き価格 ¥24,287 【パソコン用】 http://www.yamato-toys.com/ec/items/vf4order.php 【携帯用】 http://www.yamato-toys.com/ec/i/items/vf4order.php ※ご予約受付期間【9月3日(月)正午まで】 ※下記の場合、早期割引は自動的に失効となりますのでご注意ください。 ・「超」先行予約のご登録時と異なるメールアドレスでご注文頂いた場合 ・ご予約受付期間までに上記URLでのご注文を頂けなかった場合 ・ご予約をキャンセルされ、受付期間内に再注文をされなかった場合 ※「やまとファンクラブ会員様限定10%引き価格」は、 ショッピングカートでの購入手続き完了時に有効な会員であることが条件です。 ONLY FOR MEMBERS WILL GET 10% discount AND My friend just got the membership for me,,,!! Hhahha So i got 24.287 yen I will import it to indonesia myself... I wish i can help u guys..but sorry i cant handle too many seperate shipment..
  6. its yamato .. ^^; i dont have ozma >.< yet dont know what to do with it.......so i give it to Canti...lol
  7. U right my fren... I should photoshop the head ... Too lazy Lol
  8. "Tetsuro Amino, the director of the original Macross 7 anime, is writing and directing the new project at Satelight with assistant director Takao Abo (Lunar Legend Tsukihime, Macross Frontier) and animation director Osamu Horiuchi (Full Metal Panic! franchise). Character designers Risa Ebata and Yûichi Takahashi are returning from Macross Frontier for the new work." ANN Is tetsuro amino had the skills? ....i doubt it...((((;゚Д゚))))))) In my opinion...macross 7 is directed poorly..by him... I hope his directing and writing skills already leveled up by by now.. I dont want to see sheryl say "ore no uta wo kikeeeee!" to some big monster and got her ass kicked like basara... (T ^ T) But i really love to see basara and sheryl nome duet "angel voice" Wuooooooo wuoooo woooouuu
  9. TOO BAD MINMAY did not take any role... It would be awesome if it is
  10. http://page13.auctio...ction/r92105017 pray that i won... argh...this is crazy...never thought i will click that button..but i click it anyway...fAAAAakk YEAH! my acc :kom***** / 評価:1248 m y max bid is 21.000 yen haha
  11. I belive macross will be remake based on the manga Macross 1st http://www.mangareader.net/choujikuu-yousai-macross-the-first Hopefully
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