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Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants


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Gah.. every time someone brings up this topic, I keep hoping for some news about the F and P versions. :p

Seriously.. I don't know how many of these I can actually afford, but how many I want? If I had my way, I'd have a complete Emerald Squadron. ^_^

I'll probably be settling for one each of the canon schemes though. If I have the spare cash, and they're on sale, I might get a second Emerald VF-19F though. The blue and white is just so pretty. In fact, I'll be very tempted to use the stickers from one of the F models to cover the yellow stripes of my S and make them white.

As for customs though.. All I want is either a pure white or low vis (similar to the VF-0A) VF-19F/S. Preferably a kit version, but I just want some in those colors like nothing else. If either of those comes out, I will probably find a way to buy at least four of them. I dunno if I'd customize them much though. Given how tight the tolerances on the VF-19 are, I doubt it'd be too happy to be painted.

If a kit version ever happens, I'm making it solid white with some kind of stripes probably. Just very simple, and not likely to get scratched.

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Please? ^_^

Haha....we should have a low viz petition for all valks...

Maybe not. I'll go bankrupt and the missus will go "WHERE IS OUR LIVING ROOM WHY IS IT AN AIRBASE NOW???"

I might have to move out to a real hangar.

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Honestly.. I was extremely disappointed with both of those schemes. I think they were a cheap, fast, and easy attempt to try and sell more off that mold, instead of actually designing a real custom scheme. All they did was swap colors in the paint machines, and the resulting mashup of randomly colored panels didn't make any sense, and just didn't look good at all in my opinion.

They were probably attempting a quick and dirty approximation of the colors seen on those Supernova schemes that everyone loves, since the colors they used were similar, but randomly substituting bright orange for black in the painting process was just flat out stupid to do. A bunch of things that should have stayed black got painted bright orange.

I know people do love them, and they don't necessarily look bad, but I think the best thing to do with those two is just strip them down and use them for customs (such as the actual Supernova schemes) since they're pretty close to white.

After the new VF-19 though, I refuse to spend any more money on that YF-19 mold. It's so far behind even the other Mac+ valks, it looks really sad by comparison.

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Well, the current hiatus is mostly due to them waiting for the inevitable bluray of Macross 7. They could sell a few now, or release the rest of the M7 valks simultaneously and reap a massive wave of nostalgia.

I don't blame them for waiting, but sadly, it puts off any more releases. Given how little there is to change for the VF-19F, I'm pretty sure it's just been sitting ready for release for months now.

We likely won't see any potential customs until the main canon schemes are out.

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Honestly, I am happy for the delay on the Yamato releases as of late. I have saved so much cash that if they drop anything I am more than prepared for the wave if they decide to release in a wave.

The last things I bought were the the VF-19S and the VF-17S. I did buy a Bandai metal build G*undam after those 2 releases but other than that no toys as of late. I missed the Bandai VF-25 re releases even though I could have gotten an Alto and an Ozma. I know it may be years, but I am banking on Yamato to release Mac F toys.

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+ 1 on the low viz VF-22.

How about this low viz Excalibur?

I like that darker scheme better!

And wish the wing/root design had stayed more similar to the 1/72 to make the high speed pseudo-possible by fudging the transformation instead of being impossible like it is on the 1/60.

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