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  1. Dude! Tell me one good thing about this first episode, besides the valkyrie designs. Which by the way are not the best of Kawamori's work.
  2. Am I the only one who sees that load of crap as what it is? I'm officially done with any new macross stuff. That was insulting. I guess Satelight likes money better too.
  3. That's beyond cool. Macross has the best mecha ever.
  4. Thank you Mr. this is far more interesting than what we're getting about macross delta.
  5. I have a very bad feeling about this macross. And I do think the vf-25 looks a lot more heroic and better than the 31.
  6. We need a Macross class ship collection from any company.
  7. That thing is beautiful. Damn, now I need one. Gotta stop buying transformers. They distract me from this.
  8. Please let it be A LOT different from the frontier movies, macross 30 and FB7. That's the only thing I'm hoping for.
  9. Not sure if I feel really guilty about it, but I love The Runaways movie and the band too. Plus now I got a thing for blond women, but that's Dakota Fanning's fault. My brothers give me a hard time 'cause they say is chicks music, but I don't care. They were really badass. Real rocker girls. And they pulled off the bad girl attitude in a way today popstars just can't.
  10. Too excited about Silent Hills to care about anything else. Well, maybe a little bit about Destiny. The trailer was amazing. Creepy as hell! The ghost thing wasn't very Silent Hill like but I'm sure It's gonna be great. I mean, these two geniuses working together on it, It's like a dream come true to SH fans.
  11. A little mean but totally true.
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