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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for the CDJapan tip! First time I have actually got a pre order on the first day!
  2. I lucked out yesterday morning with Anime Export! Just paid shipping! Yay!! I like the plastic color on the Bandai over the Arcadia. The force barrier punch looks like a much better accessory than the pile of Arcadia missiles. Usagiz
  3. Dang them, I caved and finally got a 30th anniversary valk! It'll look good next to the 25th anniversary YF-19...
  4. First thing am really noticing on my yf-19, the plastic Really reminds me of the original yamato 1/60 first edition, only a hair thinner... and I really wonder if this one will develop the same fractures in the plastic. I really like both versions, but I expect my vf-19s to outlast both... I have pretty much stopped buying Bandai valks because of QC issues. I am going to hold off on anymore Arcadia valks as I am worried the vf-0D will not be any better... End rant... It is still pretty to woosh!
  5. Mind the gap! I admit I notice the gaps more than the vf-19 toys, but it's a minor quibble for a pretty valk!! (null)
  6. Mine just Arrived WITH battle damage in Seattle! Thankfully the fin pops back on, but I am not loving the tail fin not lining up properly... </minor rant> (null)
  7. Preordered! And plenty of time to save up, nice!
  8. I'll take one, the high price will just eats into my bandai valk budget!! ( I'm still miffed at bandai for selling us the vf-171cf with the lack of quality! ) And Arcadia, no exploding or missing parts please!
  9. From N-Y, pay now or else! Hello and thank you for your order! This product is now in stock. (1/60 VF-1J Valkyrie Macross 30th Anniversary Color) You can pay your order by clicking "pay my order" in your account. If we don't receive your payment BEFORE 02nd SEPTEMBER 2013 08:00 AM Japan Time, your order will be cancel. Please understand that all your pre-order can be canceled and your account close if you don't pay this pre-order.
  10. I fully expect it to cost 30,000 without shipping and it just means I will not be buying as much from them OR Bandai in the next year... I didn't need another vf-27 anyhow! But it's the one thing I want next year!
  11. Moving to eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/usagiz/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=
  12. Thanks for the offer Messiah. While that is a cool custom, I am not looking to trade for any transformers at this time.
  13. pictures added, reasonable offers are be considered!
  14. I need to make some room, so I have a couple items to clear out: shipping included for continental US, other locations pay actual costs. I am on the safe sellers list and my eBay account name is also usagiz. If you are in the seattle area, local pickup can be arranged. 1. Yamato VB-6 mib, complete, shelfware on box slight tear on back of box. $210 2. Bandai v1 rvf-25 mib dented box only transformed once and displayed. $105 3. Alternators Rodimus loose with sya sya figure from takara version. No instructions. $35 4. Mastershooter target master megatron and browning. $20 5. CMs green legioss and tread mib $75 More images to come and more items! (null)
  15. Just get them both, it's unlikely either will be released anytime soon... The right time to buy a valk is when you can find it at a reasonable price!
  16. While I don't need another Vf-1s, I pray that Arcadia sells these stands by themselves!! Especially since they are finally compatible with all valks!
  17. Ahh man, it's perfect... My wallet is hurting already! Dear Arcadia, no rush on release date! But I will have one!!
  18. Yea! Preordered! I wish they did MORE Tamashii exclusives for macrossF
  19. Usually everyone thinks they are Transformers! And having insurance is a good idea on your collection. Besides that, I just tell everyone I collect them and leave it at that:)
  20. Blue canopy, how can I resist?! It will look good next to the Arcadia yf-19!
  21. Vf-25a available at hlj again, right now!
  22. How about the price tag? I feel that I need to prepare myself for 30000+ yen...
  23. Maybe if I see a reasonable preorder from hlj or amiami, I will get one...
  24. One overpriced pre order at NY, check, I will cancel it later when HLJ or amiami get more...
  25. Yea! HLJ confirmed payment for my June restock preorder ! (null)
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