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  1. usagiz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for the CDJapan tip! First time I have actually got a pre order on the first day!
  2. I lucked out yesterday morning with Anime Export! Just paid shipping! Yay!! I like the plastic color on the Bandai over the Arcadia. The force barrier punch looks like a much better accessory than the pile of Arcadia missiles. Usagiz
  3. Dang them, I caved and finally got a 30th anniversary valk! It'll look good next to the 25th anniversary YF-19...
  4. First thing am really noticing on my yf-19, the plastic Really reminds me of the original yamato 1/60 first edition, only a hair thinner... and I really wonder if this one will develop the same fractures in the plastic. I really like both versions, but I expect my vf-19s to outlast both... I have pretty much stopped buying Bandai valks because of QC issues. I am going to hold off on anymore Arcadia valks as I am worried the vf-0D will not be any better... End rant... It is still pretty to woosh!
  5. Mind the gap! I admit I notice the gaps more than the vf-19 toys, but it's a minor quibble for a pretty valk!! (null)
  6. Mine just Arrived WITH battle damage in Seattle! Thankfully the fin pops back on, but I am not loving the tail fin not lining up properly... </minor rant> (null)
  7. Preordered! And plenty of time to save up, nice!
  8. I'll take one, the high price will just eats into my bandai valk budget!! ( I'm still miffed at bandai for selling us the vf-171cf with the lack of quality! ) And Arcadia, no exploding or missing parts please!
  9. From N-Y, pay now or else! Hello and thank you for your order! This product is now in stock. (1/60 VF-1J Valkyrie Macross 30th Anniversary Color) You can pay your order by clicking "pay my order" in your account. If we don't receive your payment BEFORE 02nd SEPTEMBER 2013 08:00 AM Japan Time, your order will be cancel. Please understand that all your pre-order can be canceled and your account close if you don't pay this pre-order.
  10. I fully expect it to cost 30,000 without shipping and it just means I will not be buying as much from them OR Bandai in the next year... I didn't need another vf-27 anyhow! But it's the one thing I want next year!
  11. Moving to eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/usagiz/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=
  12. Thanks for the offer Messiah. While that is a cool custom, I am not looking to trade for any transformers at this time.
  13. pictures added, reasonable offers are be considered!
  14. I need to make some room, so I have a couple items to clear out: shipping included for continental US, other locations pay actual costs. I am on the safe sellers list and my eBay account name is also usagiz. If you are in the seattle area, local pickup can be arranged. 1. Yamato VB-6 mib, complete, shelfware on box slight tear on back of box. $210 2. Bandai v1 rvf-25 mib dented box only transformed once and displayed. $105 3. Alternators Rodimus loose with sya sya figure from takara version. No instructions. $35 4. Mastershooter target master megatron and browning. $20 5. CMs green legioss and tread mib $75 More images to come and more items! (null)
  15. Just get them both, it's unlikely either will be released anytime soon... The right time to buy a valk is when you can find it at a reasonable price!
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