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Name the VF-27...

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VF-27 Raksha (Hindu shapechanger demon)

You want to name the VF-27 after the all time Decepticon Fan who thought that she couldn't be your friend if you disagreed about Megatron and Nightbird being lovers?? :)


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VF-27 Slayer is really growing on me. It's the perfect name for the new valk. That's it! close the thread and give Kronnanq the price! B))

VF-27 Slayer -> VF-27 Lina Inverse, its main weapons is Dragon Slave Buster Cannon...... ^_^

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There's been NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION as yet, but I think most fans agree the VF-27 is going to look something like this fella:




Who is the girl on the left ? Is that the real life Princess Alto ?

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